Chip and also Joanna Gaines ended up being TV mainstays v their wildly renowned house flipping show Fixer Upper, but some tabloids have actually expressed doubts about whether the pair’s marriage will stand the test of time. Numerous outlets have currently hinted that the spouses have been fighting for a variety of reasons, specifically over money and their new home improvement show.

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Chip and also Joanna Gaines ended up being TV mainstays with their wildly famous house-flipping display Fixer Upper, yet some tabloids have actually expressed doubts about whether the pair’s marriage will stand the test of time. Numerous outlets have already hinted the the spouses have actually been fighting because that a number of reasons, specifically over money and also their new home development network. Gossip Cop has seen a variety of troubling rumors about the pair over the last few months, so we’d prefer to add some clarity come the situation.

Tabloids paint A photo Of A Troubled Marriage

Late last month, OK! reported the Joanna and also Chip Gaines to be fighting over money. According to the outlet, Chip was passionate for the couple to spread out their “financial wings” beyond the couple’s “Magnolia brand, home decor line, and popular retail and restaurant businesses” in your hometown that Waco, Texas. A so-called “insider” snitched,

Chip trust you have to spend money to do money, and also if he had actually his way, that be pouring cash into more ventures and also not just in Waco.

But Joanna, ever before the valuable one, was not so sure about his plan, sources revealed. “Their business was hurt during the quarantine and also they’re just gaining up and also running again. Jo wants to cool it for a while,” the resource whispered. Although Joanna generally just gave into Chip’s demands, this time to be different, resources said, adding, “she’s putting her foot steady down, and also Chip’s no happy as soon as someone speak him no.” Gossip Cop questioned that the couple, who are currently working with each other on numerous projects, were having actually trouble gaining along. We got to out come the spouses’ spokesperson, who confirmed our hunch and also told united state there was “zero truth to any such rumor.”

Chip and also Jo Fighting end Fixer Upper Reboot?

Money no the just thing the pair supposedly combated over. Follow to the National Enquirer, that was all Chip’s idea come reboot the house-flipping fact show, and “they’ve been bickering about it ever before since.” Joanna was an especially upset “because Chip make the decision without her.” The mom of five and also design expert wanted raising their family, and was “concerned he is bitten off an ext than they deserve to chew.”

Even an ext troubling to be the truth that Joanna supposedly want to try to obtain pregnant through the couple’s 6th child. “The pair had also discussed including to your brood,” the outlet insisted, but now she was apparently “having 2nd thoughts.” at the heart of the matter was the betrayal Joanna accused felt towards Chip. “Joanna’s excited he didn’t incorporate her in the decision-making,” the short article concluded.

Gossip Cop very doubted that Chip would ever make together a big decision there is no consulting his wife, v whom he shares an nearly fairytale romance. We reached out come the couple’s spokesperson and received an answer that evidenced our suspicions the the decision come reboot the show was fully mutual.

They room the top of your network – the decision to carry the show ago was truly theirs and theirs alone. Those to hit about? They’re having actually a blast.

The tabloid, and its without doubt fake source, completely made increase the story in order to fit its own twisted narrative. And also the tabloid also fell into one more trope the these outlets regularly resort to: claiming the a pair who already have a sizable variety of kids space planning to include to their brood. Ever due to the fact that the couple welcomed their 5th child, a son called Crew, tabloids have actually been going crazy trying come predict as soon as the family members will prosper again. For this reason far, none have actually been remotely correct.

Magnolia walking Under?

A recent tabloid trend has been predicting the demise of the couple’s Magnolia brand. A couple of months back, the Globe predicted that Chip and also Joanna Gaines would shortly be dealing with a cash crunch amid “dwindling business” thanks to the continuous coronavirus pandemic and also resulting lockdown. According to the resource that speak to the outlet, the two were in a “lockdown meltdown,” adding, “Their organization has to be temporarily closed for a month as result of quarantine and they’re not sure as soon as they’ll open up and also running again.” The Gaines were supposedly “getting really worried” since they’d “put every they had into your businesses and also now they’re losing thousands a day with hardly any kind of money coming in.”



The pandemic was also to blame for the delays in the start of the spouses’ Magnolia Network, Fixer Uppers’ brand-new network home. Instead of relying on part unknown, not confirmed “source” because that our information, Gossip Cop went directly for the source and request the couple’s spokesperson because that an answer, and was called the insurance claim was “laughable.” The outlet was wrong about the pair’s jae won situation as well as the result quarantine has had actually on your business. Honestly, there’s not much tabloids favor this obtain right.

Same Tabloid Nonsense, various Day

There room a organize of reasons why Joanna and Chip Gaines’ marital relationship has brought on this tabloid speculation. These varieties of outlets have actually relied ~ above four vital stereotypes as the basis because that claiming the two have been suffering marital problems: the Gaines’ status as a working, power couple; the spouses’ five children; the usual fate of married couples who show up on truth TV; and finally, the seemingly abrupt end of Fixer Upper.

Tabloids have always taken a one-of-a-kind interest in couples whereby both work complete time, and also Chip and also Joanna Gaines are no different. Working women, mother in particular, are constantly accused of either abandoning their family members for occupational or upset at their partner for seemingly doing so. Over there is no in-between. There’s likewise been a history of couples on fact shows separating up ~ a couple of seasons, yet that’s no the case either, since Chip and also Joanna seemingly enjoy a an excellent working and an individual relationship as spouses and parents. Speak of which, the 2 seem perfectly content through the number of children they at this time have, and while five kids might seem intimidating to some, over there are definitely families out there with method more children who room doing just fine.

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As for the abrupt finish of Fixer Uppers 2 years ago, the wasn’t so lot an act of desperation from a pair seeking to cure their marriage through becoming an ext private as lot as it to be a savvy company move indigenous an ambitious pair. The move also came roughly when Joanna uncovered she was pregnant with her fifth child, for this reason it’s almost particular that the pair simply wanted a little downtime to invest with your newly increased family. Regrettably for the tabloids, it shows up that Chip and also Joanna favor to store their partnership drama free.