If you’re in ~ all familiar with Fixer upper on HGTV, Chip and Joanna Gaines, you’ll immediately know why we took a trip to the Silos at Magnolia sector in Waco, Texas (if you’re not, make certain to to buy their book on the Silos here.)

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Where to remain in Waco

Waco is reasonably easy to acquire around, therefore you have the right to stay pretty much anywhere and be within close proximity to the Silos, yet these are our favourite hotels in Waco.

Budget: Splashing the end ($150+ per night)Hotel Indigo Waco

If you’re looking for stylish and sleek in Waco, Hotel Indigo is your ideal bet.

Rated as among the ideal hotels for tourists to the Silos and downtown Waco, you’ll feel like you stepped right into a charm-filled boutique getaway.

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The on-site restaurant offers incredible dining options, and the rooms room colorful and also modern.

Guests rate the employee highly, and also while it is just one of the more expensive in Waco, Waco isn’t high-quality in the first place contrasted to other US destinations, so don’t count this one the end without check the prices very first as you might be surprised.

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Budget: Mid-Range ($100 – $150 every night)Aloft Hotel Waco

Not only is the Aloft Hotel Waco among the many budget-friendly many hotels in Waco, yet it’s additionally one the the most beautiful. Every initiative went right into the gorgeous and sleek style of this hotel, and also from the hotel lobby to the bar come the outdoor swimming pool, you’ll recognize you’re staying in the soil of good design!

The rooms room air-conditioned (a need to in Waco) and also there’s cost-free Wi-Fi as well as plenty that lounge space, a swimming pool table, comfy chairs wherein you can sit and also post her Insta snaps from the day, and also more.

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If you desire to perform the full Chip and Jo suffer in Waco, you’ll have to head end to their restaurant, Magnolia Table.

They don’t take it reservations and also operate ~ above a first-come, first-served basis, so acquire your party headed over there as shortly as you can.

This dining area is separate from the Silos, and also they operation a continuous shuttle indigenous the Silos to the restaurant.

Shopping at Magnolia Market

Walking right into Magnolia industry at the Silos, the actual keep filled through Chip and Jo and also their catalyst TO THE BRIM, is choose walking into a Pinterest board title “Rustic chic” or “Living your ideal life” or “At home on the farm.”

You can buy Joanna’s recipe book, Magnolia Table, i m sorry I highly recommend.

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