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The HGTV star showed up on the show to promote her brand-new design book, , which came out ~ above Tuesday, and while she was acquisition Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb ~ above a visual tour of her Texas farm house, her husband Chip drags a chair across the phase to sit alongside his wife.

“How did you gain through security?” Chip asks his wife. “They said I was no invited.” He transforms to the show’s hosts and adds, “You men forgot to placed me ~ above the guest list! i cannot believe I have actually missed this.”

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Earlier in the morning, Chip verified to be Joanna’s best cheerleader, obtaining out ~ above the street outside the show and jumping up and down and waving with the window behind her.

“When your biggest fan adheres to you indigenous Waco, TX,” Joanna captioned a video clip of Chip ~ above Instagram.

When Kotb and also Guthrie asked Joanna if she and also her husband simply “laugh all the time,” Joanna had the sweetest response.

“Yes, how have the right to you not?” she said. “I’m together a serious person by nature for this reason he’s really a gift come me.”

Of course, when the speak of the day was Joanna’s style book and also their now four-month-old baby Crew (who made an beloved appearance on-screen!), the Fixer Upper stars likewise used their appearance come urge world to poll in the midterm elections on Tuesday Nov. 6.

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Chip post a video clip of himself playing v the camera tools on collection to movie Joanna when standing in prior of a screen that read, “The Vote: America’s Future.” “#GoVote,” that captioned the video.

Joanna additionally posted a photograph of herself and also her husband in ~ Rockefeller Center, writing “Happy election Day- Let’s all perform our part and get out and also vote today!”

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