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Chip and Joanna Gaines space celebrating a significant marriage milestone. Joanna required to Instagram Tuesday come celebrate the couple"s 18th wedding anniversary. The Fixer Upperstarshared a slideshow that videos and also photos of her and also Chip celebrating the occasion during a tropical vacation to Mexico, set toJames Taylor"s track, "Mexico."

The couple, that reside in Waco, Texas,share five children together includingDrake, 16, Ella, 14, Duke, 12, Emmie, 11, and 2-year-oldCrew.

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In March, the design couple opened approximately Oprah Winfrey top top herSuper soul Sundayseriesabout their relationship and their trip to starting the Magnolia Network. As soon as asked in what methods the pair bring out the finest in every other, the price was basic for Chip:Joanna grounds him.

"I was choose a dogchasing his tail in a one trying to be all the points for every the people and also I can just past a zero of a doubt conveniently say, she base me and also it"s almost like the dog then saw the tennis ball or whatever and calmed down," Chip said Winfrey.

Chip go on come say the he owes Joanna his life for settling the down.

"When I dice or I"m on my deathbed, what I"ll to speak looking earlier is that, "I owe you my life," due to the fact that you cleared up me down," Chip shared."It"s nearly like a equine that"s wild."

For Joanna, it"s Chip"s capability to savor and also enjoy the special moments in their stays that help her carry out the same.

"Chip is constantly teaching me, "Ifyou"re not having actually fun, if you"re not enjoying and savoring these moments, then why room you act it?" and also he additionally pushes me to perform it," Joanna added.

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For much more on the couple"s newFixer UpperseriesFixer Upper: Welcome Home,watch the video clip below.


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