Joanna and also Chip Gaines are well-known for their home design and renovation series, Fixer Upper. They room the co-owners the the brand and also are all set to lug in a highly anticipated Discovery+ platform, Magnolia Network.

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Magnolia Network will certainly premiere ~ above July 15th and also Fixer upper will acquire a reboot on the same. Joanna and Chip Gaines recently celebrated their 18th anniversary.

Net precious of Joanna and also Chip Gaines

The net worth of Joanna and also Chip Gaines is about $10 million each, which provides up a complete of $20 million. The wide range they have today is a result of the success the Fixer Upper, as they made about $30,000 through every episode.


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But the pair faced some losses when a $1 million lawsuit was filed versus them in 2017. They were alleged to it is in racist and also being anti-LGBTQ. Magnolia real Estate filed the lawsuit and also stated the Gaines bought out their partners man L. Lewis and also Richard L. Clark without stating the HGTV transaction for the show.

When she to be asked about the racism and anti-LGBTQ allegations, Joanna Gaines declared that it no let she sleep in ~ night.


But apart from everything, Joanna and also Chip Gaines have received countless awards. They to be nominated for the Critics" selection Award because that "Best Reality show Host," and also Joanna to be individually nominated because that the People’s selection Award for Favorite fact TV Star.

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The home of Joanna and Chip Gaines in Waco, Texas, was made in 1895 and also Chip has actually modified it right into a big house through ample room for his children. The house has aged barn hardwood furniture and a kitchen island the was originally a communion table.

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Joanna and Chip Gaines room the owner of a Magnolia market where miscellaneous lifestyle items are sold.

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