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Looking because that the latest Chipotle coupons and offers?

For a limited time, you have the right to score a buy One, acquire One complimentary Chipotle Entrée Coupon v the purchase of a $40+ Chipotle eGift Card! over there is no promo code necessary as the BOGO coupon will instantly be included to her cart in ~ checkout.

Note that there is a limit of 25,000 BOGO coupons and also you will require to pick a holiday-themed gift card to score the coupon in ~ checkout. Your coupon will certainly be emailed to you after her purchase and also willexpire top top December 31st.

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If you’re top top the hunt for a gift because that the human who has actually it all, a Chipotle eGift Card could be the solution! Plus, not only will you cross a gift off your list, however you deserve to treat yourself to the BOGO entrées as well. 😉


Earn Chipotle rewards!

Consider joiningChipotle Rewards (free to sign up) to score complimentary chips and guac ~ your an initial purchase. Friend will likewise earn points because that every purchase that you can later redeem for totally free entrées, drinks and also more!

AND, you’ll acquire a special gift on her birthday. Rumor has it that the birthday offer is valid for free Chips & Guac v a $5 acquisition – so you can celebrate and also get your guac on.

Don’t forget to scan her rewards card once at the restaurant to knife points too! Chipotle uses bonus days whereby you deserve to earn additional points on her purchases, or they’ll market extra points as soon as you shot something new. Plus, lock are constantly adding new ways to knife so make sure to check your rewards account often!