Chipotle chef marketing and advance officer note Crumpacker attends Variety’s spring 2014 to chat and an innovation Summit in Marina del Rey, Calif., on may 5, 2014. (Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty photos for Variety)
Mark Crumpacker was at the helm the a mission: assist rehabilitate Chipotle’s image after food safety and security scares led to plunging sales.

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The 53-year-old executive had his work cut out for him. Two E. Coli outbreaks and also norovirus had left dozens sick, prompting store closures and also becoming the company’s greatest public health and also image dilemm to date.

But together the restaurant chain battles to overcome these troubles, Crumpacker, the public confront of the company, has been inserted on administrative leave after that was charged through drug possession in an alleged cocaine ring that included 17 various other customers, the connected Press reported.

The Chipotle executive turned himself in Tuesday, claimed his attorney, Gerald Lefcourt. Crumpacker to be arrested and has because been released on $4,500 bond; he is early out in court Sept. 8, Lefcourt said The Washington Post.

Crumpacker to be charged with seven counts that possession the a regulated substance, New York Police Sgt. Lee Jones said the AP.

“We nothing have any type of statement to make,” Lefcourt stated after a hearing Tuesday, the wall Street journal reported. “We’re walking to resolve the instance in the courtroom.”

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold claimed Tuesday the the company was “aware that note presented self to authorities previously today. He was put on a leaving of absence last week immediately upon finding out of these allegations and remains on leave from his task to emphasis on these an individual matters.”

As chief an imaginative and breakthrough officer, Crumpacker to be charged through helping restore Chipotle’s brand.

Two E. Coli outbreaks sickened 60 people and prompted the closure last autumn of an ext than 40 restaurants in Washington and Oregon. E. Coli cases were also reported in an additional seven states.

In February, public health officials declared the outbreak over. And though it was linked to “a common meal items or ingredient,” that exact resource may never ever be known, officials said.

A restaurant that was when lauded together the pressure behind significant changes in the fast-food industry took a substantial public-relations hit, and also its effects have actually been long-lasting: In April, Chipotle announced that is first-ever loss as a windy company.

Every Chipotle in the country closed for a national food safety meeting. Food safety and security consultants were lugged in. Pledges were made to conduct stricter ingredient testing and revamp operations.

Every day, Crumpacker got 60 pages of marketing research study — the “burrito bible” — as detailed by Quartz in April. The documents were chock full of data mirroring how regularly customers visited Chipotle and also how castle felt around the fast-casual chain, Quartz reported.

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But what might Chipotle do to woo customers ago and go back to the high-sales days of old? “I wish I had compelling data on that, because we definitely asked the question,” Crumpacker said at an investors conference in March, Quartz reported. “It’s just not something people can really answer. Friend basically acquire a hundred various answers.