Chipotle supplies their website and mobile apps to deliver their coupons and special deals, so you need to have a smartphone or computer system to save.

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How to access Chipotle rewards ~ above the app

From the Chipotle app, you have the right to order food or accessibility rewards and offers. On downloading the app, you will do it be triggered to either produce an account or sign in, or swipe down to access the food selection to order. If you want to access offers, you require an account.Click Create one Account, or Sign in.Enter her account info or your an individual information to create a new account.Upon signing in, you’ll land top top a web page that congratulates you for joining. Click the X in the corner.You deserve to either order food, or click the human icon in the optimal left to accessibility the rewards section of the app. You deserve to see your rewards point out here. Come redeem more points, click My Rewards.

Enter the reward password on the earlier of your Chipotle purchase.To find coupons, navigate ago to the display screen that mirrors you your points.Click Bonuses.On this screen, you will do it coupons and offers that will certainly both conserve you money, and also earn Chipotle rewards points faster.

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How to accessibility and use your Chipotle rewards account top top the website

On the peak tab, click Rewards.If you have an account, click Sign In. If you don’t, click Create one Account.Once you authorize in or create a new account, you can see her points full on the next screen. You have the right to view the rewards you can redeem, watch your rewards history, or scroll down to discover coupons and also bonuses you’ve earned.


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These coupons and also deals for Chipotle have expired however may still work.

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