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Whether you’re treating a girlfriend or yourself (hey, no judgment here), we have actually the answer because that you – one E-Gift card from Chipotle mexico Grill. We space proof the food served quick doesn't have to be a typical “fast-food” experience. Therefore no matter the occasion, Chipotle E-Gift Cards = prompt happiness, joy, elation, and euphoria that the mouth. Leaving the wrapping to us, you have the right to thank united state later.

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Our focus has always been ~ above using greater quality ingredients and classic food preparation techniques to make great food easily accessible at reasonable prices. We likewise work to understand the resources for every one of our ingredients, so the we deserve to be certain they space as flavorful as possible while gift mindful that the environmental and also societal affect of our business. We call this idea, Food with Integrity, and it guides just how we run our business — the end an outcome of i m sorry is delicious.

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Print this pageBring the printed web page to any type of Chipotle mexico GrillPresent the page at time the paymentORCome into any Chipotle mexican Grill restaurantPull this web page up on your smartphonePresent the web page at time of payment


Place an order onlineAt checkout usage your E-Gift map for payment


The value of this E-Gift card is included in the above barcode. Don’t re-superstructure it through anyone else uneven you intended to provide them the yummy goodness that represents.

If you print this page, take it very great care of it or piece it when you don’t require it. It’s precious, law it that way.

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Terms and Conditions

Treat your E-Gift Card favor cash, that may only be provided for make purchases at Chipotle mexican Grill restaurants. Not redeemable because that cash except as forced by law; additionally, ~ above request, unredeemed balances of less than $10.00 will be redeemed because that cash. It cannot be provided to purchase various other Chipotle mexican Grill Gift Cards, since that’s choose wishing for much more wishes. Not authorised resale is prohibited. If you acquisition this E-Gift card from a re-seller, you carry out so at your own risk together Gift Cards sold by a re-seller might not have any type of value. Chipotle mexican Grill is not responsible because that unauthorized usage of this E-Gift Card. Other than in certain circumstances the value in this E-Gift Card will not be replaced if the E-Gift card is lost, stolen or destroyed. Usage of this E-Gift map constitutes accept of this terms and also conditions. This E-Gift Card deserve to only it is in redeemed in the USA.

Check your balance at any type of Chipotle mexico Grill restaurant, online at www.chipotle.com, or contact 1-877-925-4878.

Gift Cards ~ above The Gift map Shop room the perfect gift because they send the best message, every time. The Gift card Shop has actually something distinct for anyone – your far-reaching other, family, friends, or coworkers – all in one place. Giving gifts is simply as fun as receiving them as soon as you know the recipient is sure to love it!

When shopping because that Gift Cards ~ above The Gift map Shop, you re welcome read every one of the product details for each Gift Card together terms and conditions might vary. Retailer gift cards are final sale/non-refundable.


Terms & Conditions

Offers valid with promotion code in ~ checkout until advertised expiration date. Provides cannot be combined. Uses are only valid ~ above The Gift map Shop. Acquisition Fees may apply subject to regards to the offer. Read specific offer for finish details. Please note that a promotion code provided in connection with a particular offer ~ above The Gift card Shop is intended only for usage by the recipient of the offer and is no valid on Gift card purchases made v any 3rd party sites.

Only credit, charge, and also debit cards also as completely registered and also approved basic purpose reloadable cards may be used to do purchases on the site. Gift Cards room not accessible for sale to hi residents. The Gift map Shop does no accept payment techniques with addresses indigenous the state of hello for Gift Cards. The Gift card Shop does not accept payment methods with addresses indigenous the states of AZ or NM for orders same to or greater than $1,000 within a 24-hour duration for Gift Cards.

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For questions about Gift Cards, you re welcome visit our frequently Asked Questions.

Privacy Policy." /> you re welcome send me tips, news, and special offers from and also on behalf of The Gift map Shop. I understand that my details will be used as described here and also in thePrivacy Policy.