Love Taco Bell’s nacho cheese sauce and want to do the recipe at home? whether you’re desire cheesy fiesta potatoes, nachos, or a cheesy burrito, this copycat recipe is at sight quick and also easy and tastes so lot like the quick food fave.

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This Taco Bell nacho cheese sauce recipe may be totally different indigenous my normal recipes, however with Taco Bell retiring so countless of their beloved item (Mexican pizza! Cheesy fiesta potatoes!), i knew I had to whip up some copycats, stat. when this may not it is in the healthiest cheese dip cooking recipes on my site, it will certainly curb the craving for fast food. It’s also really ridiculously simple to make (literally one step) and healthier than the powdered nacho cheese Taco Bell makes its emboldened with. (Just sayin’.)

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What provides This recipe So Good

Cheeze Whiz cheese dive – i know, i know. This is not a normal ingredient below at 40 Aprons. However, if you desire that genuine Taco Bell flavor, prepackaged cheese dip is the means to go.Pickled jalapeño juice – Brine indigenous a jar of pickled jalapeños offers this sauce a tiny heat and an extra to explode of flavor.Milk – Helps do the cheese sauce extra creamy.Cayenne pepper – As lot or as little as you like for a tiny peppery spice.

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How To do Taco Bell Nacho Cheese

The complete recipe & ingredients list room below, however here you’ll discover a fast overview for making this cooking recipes perfectly, together with useful tips and info!

Whisk together every the ingredient in a little bowl.

That’s it!


Top Tips for Making

If friend don’t have Cheeze Whiz, you can really use any type of kind of plain cheese dip. If you’d favor your cheese sauce warm, microwave that in 15 second increments, stirring in between each chef time.This cheese sauce is great on tacos, quesadillas, tortilla chips, or even with french fries!

More delicious Copycat Recipes

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