One that the finest post-exercise recovery drink could currently be in her refrigerator, follow to new research presented at the American college of Sports medicine conference this week. In a collection of four studies, researchers found that coco milk readily available a recovery advantage to aid repair and rebuild muscles, contrasted to specially designed carbohydrate sporting activities drinks.

experts agree that the two-hour home window after exercise is an important, yet often neglected, component of a fitness routine. After ~ strenuous exercise, this post-workout recovery period is crucial for active people at every fitness levels – to aid make the many of a workout and also stay in optimal shape because that the following workout.

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The brand-new research says that drink fat complimentary chocolate milk after exercise can aid the human body retain, replenish and rebuild muscle to assist your body recover. Drinking lowfat chocolate milk after ~ a strenuous workout might even assist prep muscles to perform much better in a succeeding bout the exercise. Specifically, the researchers discovered a cacao milk advantage for:

Replenishing Muscle “Fuel” – instead of muscle fuel (glycogen) after exercise is crucial to an athlete’s future performance and muscle recovery. Researchers uncovered that drink 16 ounces of fat cost-free chocolate milk v its mix that carbohydrates and also protein (compared to a carbohydrate-only sports drink v the same amount the calories) led to better concentration that glycogen in muscles at 30 and 60 minutes post exercise.2 maintaining Lean Muscle – Athletes risk muscle breakdown following exercise when the body’s requirements are at your peak. Researchers discovered that drinking fat cost-free chocolate milk after exercise assisted decrease mite of muscle break down compared to drinking a carbohydrate sports drink.3 subsequent Exercise power – Ten trained men and also women cyclists rode because that an hour and also a half, adhered to by 10 minute of intervals. They rested for four hours and also were provided with one of three drink immediately and two hrs into recovery: lowfat coco milk, a carbohydrate drink with the very same amount of calorie or a regulate drink. Once the cyclists then performed a subsequent 40 kilometer ride, their trial time was significantly shorter after drinking the cacao milk compared to the carbohydrate drink and the regulate drink.4

Why cacao Milk?

coco milk’s combination of carbohydrates and also high-quality protein an initial made researchers take notice of a potential exercise benefit. The mix of carbs and also protein already in chocolate milk suitable the ratio found to be most valuable for recovery. In fact, studies suggest that cacao milk has the right mix that carbs and also protein to help refuel tired muscles, and also the protein in milk helps construct lean muscle. This new research adds come a farming body that evidence saying milk deserve to be simply as effective as part commercial sporting activities drinks in help athletes refuel and also recover.

Milk also provides fluids for rehydration and also electrolytes, including potassium, calcium and also magnesium shed in sweat, the both recreational exercisers and elite athletes have to replace after ~ strenuous activity. Plus, chocolate milk is naturally nutrient-rich v the benefit of additional nutrients not uncovered in most classic sports drinks. Penny-for-penny, no other post-exercise drink includes the full selection of vitamins and also minerals found in coco milk.


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Source: Weber Shandwick worldwide

Written by Janet Epping ~ above June 4, 2010

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