Chris and Lori Coble hope the deaths of your children, Kyle, Emma and also Katie would not have remained in vain once they behavior in your wrongful fatality lawsuit versus Caltrans in might 2010. The Cobles sue the state firm for a dangerous and also poor freeway style that brought about a back-up ~ above the I-5 freeway and also an accident that eliminated the Cobles 3 children.

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Attorney Jeoffrey Robinson, representing the Cobles, argued that faulty design by Caltrans of that stretch of freeway led to a backup, which brought about the accident. "You can't tolerate this form of neglect," Robinson called the jury during closing arguments.


Jeoffrey Robinson, attorney because that Chris and Lori Coble, to be disappointed v the jury's verdict. Robinson had been seeking loss to compensate the Cobles for economic and non-economic losses as a result of a dangerous problem on public property owned through Caltrans. "I have to accept the verdict," Robinson claimed leaving the courthouse. "Albeit I'm very disappointed, I have to trust in the system."


Caltrans lawyer Karen Bilotti provides her closing arguments in a Santa Ana courtroom. Karen Bilotti, who represents Caltrans, laid the reference on Romero in her closing arguments. He to be convicted of automotive manslaughter in 2008 and also sentenced come 364 work in jail and five years' probation.Romero, Bilotti said, knew traffic was slowing, make a decision to readjust lanes and also never fight the brakes.Bilotti also argued the the state can't be hosted accountable for web traffic congestion and traffic-related accidents because the state can't regulate those factors.


Emma, 4, Katie , 2, and also Kyle Coble, 5, where eliminated in a auto accident v a big-rig on the south-bound lanes the the 5 Freeway in Mission Veijo.

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By Erika I. Ritchie | eritchie | Orange county Register
April 18, 2011 at 2:10 p.m.

LADERA RANCH – Lori and Chris Coble, the parents of three young children killed in a crash top top the I-5 nearly four years ago, has settled with Caltrans and also will pay $75,000 in fees and costs after losing a wrongful-death lawsuit to the state agency.

The negotiation agreement, which also includes Lori Coble’s mother, Cindy Maestri, was got to Monday, according to court records. The agreement follows an earlier judgment filed as an amendment to the Orange County exceptional Court decision in September notified the Cobles to pay “costs and also disbursements in the lot of $291,534.04.”

The Cobles appealed.

“Lori and also I feel seeking justice via the court system no much longer made sense.” chris Coble said. “We wanted to near this thing in our lives and move on. We have the right to at the very least take lull in the truth that the road has actually been fixed.”

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EARLIER: Crash ~ above I-5 in Mission Viejo bring away family’s three kids

On may 4, 2007, Lori Coble was quit in the slow-moving lane of southbound I-5 between La Paz Road and also Oso Parkway in Mission Viejo. She to be driving their children, Kyle, 5, Katie, 4, and Emma, 2, and also her mother residence after a day in ~ the Irvine Spectrum, where the household was celebrate Kyle’s birthday.

Truck driver Jorge Miguel Romero, 38, of apologize Valley, was going in between 53-56 mph once he crashed with the behind seat of the van wherein the children were sitting. Romero to be convicted of automobile manslaughter and also sentenced come 364 job in jail and also five years probation.

The Cobles have said they lay part of the reference on Romero and component of the reprimand on Caltrans. Lock pointed come Caltrans reports native 1998 and also 2000 that referred to as for second lane at the Oso Parkway off-ramp because traffic was backing increase on the freeway for a half-mile prior to the exit.

In December 2007, the Cobles filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Caltrans, saying that faulty style of the stretch of freeway caused a backup, which led to the accident.

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The instance went to court in may 2010 and on July 14, after three weeks that testimony and also 1 1/2 work of deliberations, a jury of eight women and four men established that Caltrans was not at fault in the accident.