Quarantine has actually been rough, but Jimmy Fallon gave the world something it required last night: Evans brothers content. So perhaps it’s no all the bad.

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On Thursday night, chris Evans was a guest on the At home Edition the The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon. He provided the lowdown ~ above Dodger’s new (bad) haircut, his new Instagram, “the sweater”, and his love that cable knits before launching into talking around his new hit apologize TV+ series Defending Jacob and his assistance of the Boston-based charity Christopher’s Haven. Plus, it turns out the Jimmy himself is trying to tap dance, so he asked known tap dancer chris Evans for a small advice.

We also got a much-appreciated appearance native Chris’ younger brother, Scott, who’s security quarantine at house with his household on the east coast. The two played “Know your Bro”, for this reason watch listed below to uncover out just just how well these two know each other.

A brand-new episode of kris Evans’ new show, Defending Jacob, is out today solely on apologize TV+, v the last two airing top top Friday, may 22 and also Friday, might 29. You deserve to see Scott’s newest film, Almost Love, digitally for rent or acquisition on solutions such as Amazon and iTunes.


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