I have been a wrestles fan currently for end 30 years. I remember watching chris Benoit when he began out in Stampede Wrestling. I cannot tell you just how sad i was come hear about the death of him and his family.


But a the majority of what I"m hearing simply doesn"t make sense, and it"s getting more bizarre all the time.



I wouldn"t desire to stay residence if mine wife and also I were suggesting all the time, I"d want to be the end of the house as lot as ns could.


One week later, they were every dead. So what changed?


Let"s look in ~ the chain of events. Benoit to be at his doctor"s office top top Friday, wherein he took pictures with fans the would rotate out to it is in the last pictures of the alive.


The picture I observed was no that that a guy going home to death his family.


But climate again what would certainly that look like?


Benoit allegedly killed his mam Nancy upon returning from the doctor"s office. She was discovered three days later on with her hands and feet bound. Why? What happened between the time that Benoit left that office and the time that Nancy was killed?


Benoit allegedly then continued to be in the house with his son while his wife lay dead. Part time Saturday or at an early stage Sunday, he strangled his child to death. Exactly how twisted is that? all the clip I ever saw suggested that Benoit love his boy. How does someone walk from a loving father to a monster?


The strangest component of the story entails the posting the news about Nancy"s death on Benoit"s Wikipedia page 14 hours prior to the bodies to be found. The cotton poster has due to the fact that claimed that it was all a matter of tragic coincidence.


I"m not so sure.


Finally, there"s the issue of Benoit"s suicide. It has been reported that kris may have consumed as countless as ten beers and also a party of wine prior to hanging himself with residence gym equipment.


I"m a many bigger than Chris, and also I understand I wouldn"t have actually been able come rig something prefer that through so much alcohol in mine system.


The point here: How deserve to we be certain that this isn"t a triple-murder made to look choose a murder-suicide? What better way come get ago at someone than to death him and his family and destroy his reputation at the exact same time?


Maybe it"s simply my wishful thinking here. I simply can"t see how a great person favor Chris Benoit might do such an terrible thing.

Chris, Nancy, and also Daniel, you will be missed.

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