Chris Brown and also Ciara were two of the hottest artist in the 2000s, for this reason naturally, lots of people wanted castle to go out. Yet unfortunately because that them, that didn’t happen.

To let Brown phone call it, he was undoubtedly attracted to Ciara and also tried repetitively to woo the “Body Party” singer, just to allegedly be shut under each time.

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Chris Brown and also Ciara together at an occasion in respectable 2006 in brand-new York City | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

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But chris Brown persisted

According come The Atlanta black color Star, Brown apparently said in that same interview the he request Ciara the end again following her split from Bow Wow. However she allegedly turned him down a 2nd time.

Despite gift rejected twice, Brown provided he took it in stride. “I nothing stunt her that much since if I understand somebody’s not attracted prefer that, I’m not gonna push,” that said. “At the end of the day, you’re no blessed with everything.”

Plus, he didn’t really desire to day someone in showbiz anyway. “I don’t want any kind of industry girl,” he told Vibe in 2007 (via MTV News), explaining he wanted a “regular girl” much more than anything.

And so chris Brown and Ciara never dated

But they did become collaborators, working with each other on “Turntables” indigenous Ciara’s 2009 album Fantasy Ride. The two additionally took the stage at the 2008 bet Awards, wherein Ciara joined him because that a sultry power of his track “Take friend Down.”

Recalling the endure in the 2012 TV program Defining Moments: kris Brown’s Journey, the admitted he was still attracted to Ciara in ~ the time, however “kept that professional.”

“It was type of complicated for me in rehearsals,” he confessed. “It’s like, I’m 18, my hormones room raging, I like you. I like you a lot. But you know, I kept it professional.”

Ciara and also Chris Brown at the 2008 gambling Awards | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

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He would go ~ above to date several other celebrities over the years consisting of Rihanna and also Karreuche Tran. As of writing, it’s uncertain if Brown is in a relationship. However he shows up to have his hands complete with his two kids, daughter Royalty and also son Aeko.

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For her part, Ciara also dated a couple of well-known names such together Future, with whom she share a kid of the exact same name. She later on married NFL star Russell Wilson, who’s additionally the dad of her daughter Sienna and son Win.