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Inside the night kris Brown struck Rihanna

Almost a decade later on the rapper retells the night’s happenings in chilling information

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Credit: Getty Images

It ache me to write this story. The level of detail disgraced rapper kris Brown has recently unable to do into concerning the night he attacked Rihanna in 2009 will actually make you feeling unwell. Together we wake up to news of an additional terror attack, this time in Barcelona, Spain, celebrity news article such a tragic event usually falls to the wayside come make way for what is truly important. While Brown’s join is ill-timed, domestic violence is always an important story come tell and also this narrative shows it doesn’t discriminate also to those who seem untouchable (read: celebrities).

To recap: Eight year ago, Brown struck his then-girlfriend Rihanna in a Lamborghini the night before the Grammys. The picture of the last – a busted lip, a black color eye and also bruising ~ above her challenge – spread choose cyber wildfire around the world. Now, in a brand-new documentary, the 28-year-old With girlfriend singer has provided context come the picture.

Brown had admittedly to gift unfaithful with a job-related friend and Rihanna uncovered out and “starts going off”. “She throws the phone, ‘I dislike you!’, whatever, whatever, she beginning hitting me, we’re in a small Lamborghini, you recognize she’s fighting me,” Brown says.

“Like ns remember she tried to absent me, just like her beating shit, but then ns really fight her. With a closeup of the door fist, choose I punched her, and also it busted her lip, and also when I experienced it I remained in shock, i was ‘fu*k, why did i hit her choose that? therefore from over there she’s…spitting blood in mine face, it elevated me even more. It’s a actual fight in the car, and we steering in the street.”

The rapper then states that Rihanna grabbed his crotch when she to be trying to obtain his phone turn off him. In retaliation he bit her “because i was trying come drive”. He climate attempts come redeem his state the mind. “I’m just trying to settle the situation, I’m not trying come fight any kind of further, favor I love her, ns don’t want to hurt mine girlfriend.”

According to Brown, Rihanna got out of the car and also started come scream “Help, he’s do the efforts to death me!”. “I to be like, ‘Stop, we gonna acquire in trouble’,” says Brown.

He to be sentenced to five years probation, one year of residential violence counselling and six month of community service.

The most disturbing component for me in Brown’s re-telling is he recounts his violent responses as a result that Rihanna’s actions; Every recount that a bite, a fight or a lip bust starts with “Rihanna did this”. It’s simply not yes sir on so countless levels.

If you’re interested, you have the right to actually review the police report here. Be warned by the horrific accounts of headlocks, punches and threats that “I’m going to beat the sh*t out of you when we obtain home.”

The video for Brown’s brand-new documentary has actually been turned off from his facebook account however you deserve to view it here.

If friend or who you know feels impacted by this story, head to or complimentary counselling is accessible through the national Sexual Assault, domestic Family Violence Counselling company 1800 737 732.