Singers Rihanna and Chris Brown began out as friends before they announced castle were date in 2008. Their relationship seemed prefer a complement made in heaven. A year in, a scandal-hit that chris had struck Rihanna during a problem on the night that the 51st Grammy Awards. They never ever performed as initially scheduled and instead extended their absence with a fake auto accident story.

Eventually, the real story emerged and Chris turned himself in, pleaded guilty and also took a plea deal. He later apologized to fans and also Rihanna via a YouTube video. 3 years later, Chris and also Rihanna got back together because that a couple of months however things walk not work-related out. Because then, they have both to be dating other people.

However, Rihanna recently damaged up with the Saudi business man she was dating and there space rumors sparking roughly that she is getting earlier with Chris. Fans are getting worn down of these on and also off rumors and they wish these 15 Pics of the two might just disappear.

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15 At An NBA video game

Ex-couple kris Brown and also Rihanna looked cozy at the 2012 Lakers game between the brand-new York Knicks and also Los Angeles Lakers. Chris had taken a tourism break and also Rihanna jetted in from Barbados so the they can spend Christmas together before heading the end to see the game. According to, this was the an initial time in years the duo to be spotted out with each other in public.

14 Stepping the end Together

Fans definitely wish the this pic might disappear. It has actually been practically a decade since these 2 dated however their past is constantly haunting them as well as their fans. Below the 2 were stepping out in NYC and were set to do at a private brand-new Year’s night (2012) concert in a couple of days together reports. An afri Billionaire to be the one hosting the event and paid lock $10 million for that one night.

13 Performing Together

even though they space not together, these 2 made beautiful music together. Their remarkable hits like Birthday Cake, Nobody’s Business, Umbrella and put It Up offered them the avenues to carry out together ~ above stage. In this photo, they were performing throughout the Z100 Jingle round in 2008 at the Madison Square Garden together reports.

12 At The Pre-Grammy’s

This pic to be taken at the 2009 pre-Grammy’s Awards just hours prior to the attack incident. The ex-couple were an excellent one minute, and the next; they had actually an argument, i beg your pardon escalated into physical violence. They were set to carry out at the Grammy’s but never make it. Rihanna needed hospitalization and Police were quizzing chris at the time together reveals.

11 Cuddled Up because that The Grammys

~ the attack incident, Rihanna and Chris decided to shot their partnership again. Here, lock cuddled up at the 2013 Grammys. Countless fans cringed a tiny when they observed this photo and also some simply wish it might disappear. However, as reports, at the time, Rihanna did not treatment what people felt about her relationship. She just emphasized that chris was a changed man.

10 Enjoying The Water

This pic to be adorable once the 2 were dating currently it should just be erased forever. Here, the ex-couple was taking a deep while on holidays at Rihanna’s native house in Barbados; Chris also got a chance to fulfill her family. Follow to, castle swam in the ocean and rode some jet skis prior to calling it a day.

9 Babe, Look in ~ This

below the Ayo hitmaker was showing her then-girlfriend miscellaneous on his phone yet what fans in reality noticed was the ring she was wearing on she left ring finger. She later on cleared the air the they were not engaged. According to the, once they were dating, Rihanna was always checking Chris’s phone since she asserted he was always cheating.

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8 What to be Happening?

This time it to be Chris’ turn to inspect her phone; he looked enjoy it by what he saw while Rihanna looked astounded. According to, campaigners versus domestic violence condemned Rihanna for sending out messages that played down residential violence ~ she forgave Chris. They reported that residential violence is a serious problem that Rihanna the all human being should never reduce its severity.

7 They Met Again

after ~ their split in 2013, the ex-couple met at a charity basketball game in 2014 whereby Chris was playing. According to, when her presence was announced he instantly got distracted. Rihanna was just there for charity, attach by she friends. However, she yes, really struggled not to do eye call with him.

6 Smile because that The Camera

The ex-couple had undeniable chemistry as soon as they were dating. They made together a cute couple. Right here they determined to stop for a photo prior to stepped out for a night out together reports. Also though chris revealed that she would always have a location in his heart, their relationship ended years ago and fans just want photos like this come disappear.

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5 VMAs Nominee Tapping

as soon as this photograph was taken, pan suspected the two were dating however instead, they kept saying lock were just friends but by simply looking in ~ them, there was no denying the spark between them. Here, kris was being goofy while they took pics with other artists in ~ the 2007 VMAs special video nominee taping as reports.

4 At The VMAs

The ex-couple looked quite engaged with each other as castle attended the 2008 VMAs. According to, Rihanna was nominated twice that night however she walk not success while kris won the ideal male video with his tune With You. Us bet they can not wait for the night to end so that they can celebrate.

3 Pre-Grammys Party

Here, Chris and also Rihanna were photographed at the 2008 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy award party all set to gain their dinner. Kris flashed a tranquility sign if seated alongside Rihanna. The ex-couple looked happy and relaxed but even despite they looked together, they tho were not commenting on their partnership as reports.

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2 Ready come Perform

fans really took pleasure in it as soon as Rihanna and also Chris hit the stage while they were still dating, no so lot nowadays. In this photo, the ex-couple to be backstage as Rihanna all set to carry out her then number-one hit song Disturbia in ~ the 2008 VMAs, as reports. Chris appeared to be her best cheerleader that night.

1 Out To get A Slurpee

Rihanna and also Chris really puzzled fans with their on and also off relationship, particularly after they comprised the 2nd time around. Below the two were spotted in laid-back yet still stylish looks and also they appeared to it is in in a good place together they stepped out to go acquire some iced drink as reveals.

Sources: dailymail, urbanislandz, billboard, usatoday, hollywoodlife.

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