In a new documentary, Brown goes into detail about the 2009 fight where he serious bruised Rihanna and also was later arrested


Reconciled … chris Brown and Rihanna in ~ a basketball video game in 2012. Photograph: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
Reconciled … chris Brown and also Rihanna at a basketball game in 2012. Photograph: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

R&B star kris Brown has actually talked around his past abuse of ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who was left bruised and bleeding after ~ Brown assaulted her in February 2009.

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Brown was arrested complying with the incident, and also was sentenced to community service and domestic violence counselling, to add a restraining order. In a new film documentary, kris Brown: Welcome to mine Life, the goes right into detail about the abusive relationship, speak he “felt prefer a fucking monster”.

He stated that he had intended come marry Rihanna, yet that he shed her trust after that lied around a sex-related encounter with someone who functioned with him, that taken place prior to your relationship. “She hated me after that. I tried everything, she didn’t care. She simply didn’t to trust me after that,” that said. “From there, it simply went downhill due to the fact that there were too numerous verbal fights, physical fights together well. Shared sides... We would certainly fight each other. She would hit me, I would hit her and it never ever was OK.

“There was constantly a suggest where wednesday talk around it like, ‘what the fuck room we doing?’” he continued. “Like, ‘I don’t prefer you slapping me.’ If i go on stage I acquired a scratch on my face and also I gotta define it like, ‘Oh, no ns fell.’ If you got a scar or a bruise you gotta put makeup on. Ns not ever trying to placed my hands on any kind of female.”

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Discussing the details incident he to be arrested over, he stated it came around after Rihanna ended up being suspicious of texts he had received from an additional woman. “She’s fighting me, and also I’m like: I’m informing you the truth, i swear come God, prevent it. She hits me a pair more times, and it doesn’t go from translation: sit down, i’m trying come tell friend the truth. That goes to: currently I’m finna it is in me, and also be evil... She tried to absent me... And also I yes, really hit her, through a closed fist, ns punched her. As soon as I observed it, I remained in shock, i was like, fuck, why did i hit her. She spit blood in my confront – and it raised me even more ... She ordered my nuts, and I little her arm.” referring to the picture of her injuries that circulated the media afterwards, the said: “I look earlier at that picture and I’m simply like: that’s no me. I hate it to this day – it is going to haunt me forever.”

In a 2009 interview adhering to the attack, Rihanna said she “fended that off with my feet”. She included that Brown allegedly threatened to death her, “to scare me”, and that “all I retained thinking was, ‘When is that going come stop?’” She characterised their partnership as “dangerous”: “The much more in love we became, the an ext dangerous we came to be for each other, equally as dangerous.”


Chris Brown and Rihanna in ~ the 2013 Grammy awards. Photograph: Christopher Polk/Getty pictures for NARASIn the documentary, Brown additionally recalls exactly how they preserved their “fairytale” relationship secret for eight months prior to going public at an awards ceremony. “Our power that we had actually at the age, it to be dangerous... Real life absent stars, in ~ 16, 17 years old, it is dangerous, since you deserve to do everything you want.” He additionally asserts: “I still love Rihanna”.

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Brown’s career was briefly derailed by the attack incident, through radio train station refusing come play his songs, however he has due to the fact that had a cable of hits including Loyal, yeah 3x, and also Don’t wake Me Up. Brown and Rihanna have because reconciled and also recorded together.