Cheryl Burke isn’t the just one didn’t provide of Chris Brown performing on Dancing through the Stars Tuesday Night. Clock it below.

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“I did not watch Dancing through the Stars critical night till the critical 2 minutes. Ns boycotted the show reason of kris Brown he sickens me,” Twittered
beck6264, “I didn’t clock the #DWTS results show last night, yet I hope human being booed chris Brown.”

Twittered stofte, “Ugh. ANYONE who compares chris Brown come Michael Jackson simply disgusts me.

girldaumaolhada wrote, “When’s who gonna to teach chris Brown a lesson not to beat up women. He’s such a tuff guy,” introduce to his 2009 arrest because that allegedly assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna.

AmNoise: “Chris Brown got a standing-O on ‘Dancing W/ The Stars’. How selfish space you, people? I’ll only applaud as soon as he goes ago to therapy.

Host Tom Bergeron stated he wouldn’t back away from asking Brown about trashing his Good Morning America dressing room, but didn’t end up stating the subject on air.

clare_geraghty, “Wise DWTS hold didn’t ask #ChrisBrown around Rihanna or his #GMA outburst. Sick performance, esp the little bro’s moves!”

ChrisBrownation wrote, “R E T W E E T this if you think chris Brown’s performance tonight ~ above “Dancing through The Stars” was A M A Z i N G”

_BossKitty, “So kris Brown walk a an excellent performance on Dancing with the Stars… #notshock.”



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