Mike Tyson and Chris Brown attend the BET-SOS conserving Ourselves – aid for Haiti benefit Concert in ~ AmericanAirlines Arena top top February 5, 2010 in Miami, Florida. Kevin Mazur/WireImage
By Justin Tinsley

As America prepares for the last 10 days of the Obama era and celebrates Atlanta’s large night in ~ the golden Globes, right here I am wax poetic around the best publicity stunt rap has seen due to the fact that — well, there’s a public stunt every couple of work in rap. But this one make me think of how well-stewed beef comes about these work — on social media. How did world find us in the most petty beefs imaginable before tweets and Snapchat stories?

Editor's choose If girlfriend don’t recognize — and maybe you should think about yourself lucky if you didn’t — Soulja Boy preferred an Instagram picture posted by Karrueche Tran, kris Brown’s ex-girlfriend. Apparently, Brown take it offense. Soulja Boy, ever before the opportunist, clapped ago and referenced Brown’s previous of domestic violence. Native there, things went come hell in a handbasket, quick, fast and also in a hurry. Expeditiously, as Mr. Clark from lean On Me therefore eloquently placed it:

A string of tough-talking Instagram videos happened.

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Having money can not be therefore boring the you need to wage e-fisticuffs just to happen the time, have the right to it?

Amid all of this, Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent got affiliated as “promoters.” Mike Tyson became Chris Brown’s trainer — due to the fact that that i will not ~ start any kind of inflammatory conversations in ~ all. And supposedly we’ve gained boxing’s newest, most talked about card. *Exhales* you welcome.

I’d it is in lying if I claimed I knew everything about this. I’d yes, really be lied if I stated I no laughing, though. Not really v them, but much more so at the thought that having actually money can’t be therefore boring the you have to wage e-fisticuffs simply to pass the time, have the right to it? greatly it’s a mix of me quoting the great black thinkers John Levell Starks and also the so late James Ambrose Johnson (you understand him as “Rick James”) through asking, “Did this dude just did this?” while constantly reminding myself “cocaine is a hell the a drug” and manifesting this significant GIF.


It’s no secret that Brown and Soulja Boy have had concerns dating back as much as 2010. But the question, at the very least for me, is why Brown would certainly even permit himself to get into any of this. Specifically when the just real winner is Soulja Boy. Despite being the grandfather of contemporary hip-hop run crazes, Soulja Boy just isn’t appropriate musically and hasn’t been for quite some time. And also you know what? there’s nothing wrong v that, with any kind of artist, as lengthy as said artist can accept the realization gracefully. Unfortunately, most can’t. It’s been a decade since his debut album SouljaBoyTellEm.com — which had the runaway smash fight Crank that (Superman) and a littany of other college residence party classics — and nearly seven years because he last charted a single with 2010’s new age Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Anthem Pretty boy Swag. Ns guess, in some way, it’s admirable he’s controlled to remain visible for as long as that has.

Yet, Soulja young has additionally made headlines much more for no buying $55 million jets and also for the people he’s beefed v the previous several years than for really music. In the previous two years alone, he’s had public spats through Quavo (of Migos), 21 Savage, Shia LaBeouf, Lil Yachty and even Keke Palmer. Once you don’t have anything come lose, possibly taking one more L isn’t really all that bad? It might actually it is in “good” for business.

Back in August, once a SWAT team surrounded chris Brown’s California house — stemming indigenous allegations he pulled a total on a mrs — the singer posted a string of videos basically asking why the was constantly the subject of poor news and why people repeatedly effort to acquire notoriety turn off his name. To an extent, he had actually a point. However the bigger and more important allude is Brown has actually a background of repeatedly falling because that stuff similar to the “beef” he’s in now. He’s basic target because, in a most ways, he enables himself come be.

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Honestly, the only real “winners” right here are the villains Mayweather and 50 Cent — Mayweather’s words, no mine. Us should’ve watched this coming method back when they were providing Oscar De La Hoya the blues top top HBO’s 24/7. Ns feel comfortable dubbing the two the best instigators in sports and hip-hop because the revolve of the century. They’re soothsayers the provocation, and also making a dissension in the process, and also it’s lightweight scary how good they space at it.