Chris Carlos is a wealthy businessman and also partner in ~ Republic nationwide Distributing Co because that over 30 years, Carlos agency is the second-largest premium wine and spirits distributor in the USA. Carlos hit increase media attention when his wife Juliana Carlos obtained into a heated dispute with LeBron James, that is a famed American professional basketball player, which make the referees stop the pat in midway.

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On Feb 2, 2021, Chris and also his mam Juliana had actually been to clock the thrilling video game at Los Angeles in between the Lakers and also Atlanta hawks on Tuesday, during the enhance for some reason Chris and LeBron James had spat with each other. In the boil argument, Juliana concerned her husband support and claimed that LeBron called her B**ch, she said, “Don’t f–king speak to me a b—h. Friend sit the f–k down. Gain the f–k out of here. Nothing f–king talk to mine husband like that”. However, over there is no appropriate reason for the fight between them.


While leave the State farm yard Arena, Juliana organized up her middle finger toward James, the pair along through two others to be escorted out with the help of securities. However, the drama didn’t prevent there, after the game and the awkward moment, LeBron James take it up Twitter and also wrote ‘Courtside Karen’. About this incident, NBA has set up an investigation. However, LeBron James did not pay lot attention to the same. On 3rd Feb 2021, Juliana take it up Instagram and posted “About critical night… to say points escalated easily at Yesterday’s video game is an understatement, and I want to to apologize for losing my cool and removing my mask in the heat of the moment. Mine husband is a substantial sports fan and also we’re passionate people, and let’s be real: sports wouldn’t be sports without a small trash-talking.”

Later, she added “What should have actually been a quick ago and forth in between two adults got out of hand and also my instinct to stand up for the guy I love kicked in. Did i get protective when the happened? Yes. Did I usage offensive language once I could have taken the greater road? Yes. And also for these things, ns take full responsibility.”

Moreover, Carlos showed hatred in the direction of LeBron on society media communication earlier, ~ above the other hand, Juliana told the she and also her husband are very much passionate about sports. ~ the Hawks-Lakers video game in Atlanta, the LeBron fans wondered if kris Carlos and Juliana Carlos to be going to be banned indigenous the future NBA games. According, come the reports conducted, claims that over there is no ban in the future. But, the duo to be trolled greatly on Instagram after ~ Carlos mirroring hatred towards LeBron on society media platforms.

Who is kris Michael Carlos?
NameChris Carlos
DOBOctober 26, 1964
Age56 years old
Height5 feet 7 customs tall
Net Worth$80 Million USD
WifeJuliana Carlos


Carlos is a well-off businessman and partner in ~ Republic national Distributing Co because that over 30 years, previously functioned as a board of Directors because that the march of Dimes and also on committees for institutions which incorporate Murphy’s Heart, Ronald McDonald House, and also Children’s Hospital. Carlos agency is the second-largest premium wine and spirits distributor in the USA. Talking around his education, he i graduated from Woodward Academy and also The university of Florida. After, graduating, he offered as a VP of his family members business. Moreover, he likewise helped non-profits and also local charities such together Atlanta Zoo and also Atlanta Ballet

How old is chris Michael Carlos?

How old is chris Michael Carlos? He to be born top top October 26, 1964, in Atlanta Georgia USA, now his period is 56 years, he was born come Micheal C (Father) and Thalia N, Carlos (Mother), who passed far in 2011. His dad Michael served as a chairman and president of RNDC (Republic national Distributing Company).

Who is chris Michael Carlos Wife?


Before marrying Juliana, kris was married twice, the was an initial married to merry Leigh and also they were with each other until 2011, the former couple shared 3 daughters Jordon Nicole Carlos, Catherine Marie Carlos, and also Christina Michael Carlos. Later, that married his 2nd wife called Nicole Jockisch Carlos in 2015, lock welcome their boy Michael Jr in 2016. Nicole increased to fame at an Atlanta Hawks-Philadelphia 76ers game in 2017 due to the fact that of she fashion sense.

Chris an initial met Juliana in march 2019 v a shared friend, because then the pair been dated for a year and finally acquired married on December 24, 2020. Currently, the pair doesn’t share any kind of kids. ~ above the other hand, kris Carlos is a grandfather, in at an early stage 2020, he mutual the news ~ above Instagram the his daughter ending up being a mother.

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What is chris Carlos network Worth?

The approximated Net worth of kris Carlos is about $80 Million USD.


(Image Source: kris Carlos Instagram)