CLEVELAND -- new Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke come the Republican nationwide Convention Tuesday night in Cleveland.

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Here's the ready text the the governor's speech:

"I am right here tonight not only as the branch of brand-new Jersey, but also as Donald Trump's girlfriend for the critical fourteen years.

We are around to be led through not only a strong leader yet by a caring, genuine and also decent person.

I to be proud come say the the voice the the world of our country is being heard in this hall and also those voices desire Donald trump to be the following President the the joined States. However this election is not just around Donald Trump.

It is also about his autonomous opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In the past few weeks we have actually seen this Justice room refuse come prosecute her.

Over the critical eight years, we have seen this management refuse to host her accountable for she dismal record as Secretary that State.

Well, tonight, together a former federal prosecutor, i welcome the opportunity to organize her accountable for she performance and her character.

We must current those facts to you, a jury of her peers, both in this hall and also in life rooms approximately our nation.

Since the Justice room refuses to allow you come render a verdict, let's present the instance now, top top the facts, against Hillary Clinton. She to be America's cook diplomat. Look around at the violence and danger in our people today every region of the world has been infected through her fault judgment.

But let me be particular so you have the right to render her verdict. In north Africa, she to be the chief technician of our disastrous overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya.

Libya today after Hillary Clinton's cool strategy? Libya's economy in ruins, death and also violence in the streets and also ISIS now dominating the country.

Hillary Clinton, as a failure for destroying Libya and creating a swarm for terrorist task by ISIS guilty or no guilty? In Nigeria, Hillary Clinton amazingly fought for 2 years to save an Al-Qaeda affiliate turn off the terrorist watch list.

What happened thus reckless action by the candidate who is the me proclaimed champion of women about the world? this terrorists abducted hundreds of innocent young girls 2 years ago.

These schoolgirls are still absent today.

What to be the equipment from the Obama/Clinton team? A hashtag campaign! Hillary Clinton, as an apologist because that an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Nigeria causing the capture of chaste young females guilty or no guilty? She fights because that the dorn people.

She doesn't fight because that us. She doesn't get the real threats America faces. In China, Hillary Clinton praised the Chinese government for to buy our debt to finance chairman Obama's bloated stimulus plan.

So desperate for Chinese cash, she promised to protest the to buy American provision in the stimulus bill in exchange because that the cash to finance his substantial expansion of federal government spending.

Hillary Clinton, putting large government spending sponsor by the Chinese front of jobs for middle class Americans guilty or not guilty? In Syria, she called President Assad a "reformer" and also a "different kind of leader".

With 400,000 now dead ... Think around that.



Thousand. Dead.

At the hands of the guy Hillary defended.

We should ask this question: Hillary Clinton, together an horrible judge the the character of a dictator-butcher in the Middle east guilty or no guilty? In Iran, she led the negotiations the brought about the worst nuclear deal in history.

Let me it is in clear: America and the world are measurably much less safe and less respected since of the Iran transaction Hillary assisted cut.

Period. After ~ she launched those negotiations, she became the best cheerleader because that it at the end.

A transaction that will cause a nuclear Iran, one Israel that will certainly be much less safe and secure and much more dangerous middle East.

Hillary Clinton, together an inept negotiator that the worst atom arms deal in American history guilty or not guilty? In Russia, she went to the Kremlin on her very an initial visit and also gave them the symbolic reset button.

The button should have read, "delete" she is very an excellent at that because she deleted in 4 years what it take it 40 years to build. The following year, she said our goal was to strengthen Russia.

Strengthen an adversary led by a dictator who dreams of reassembling the old Soviet empire? What a dangerous absence of judgment.

Once again, together a fault evaluator of dictators and failed strategist who has permitted Russia back in as a major player in the Middle east is Hillary Clinton guilty or not guilty? In Cuba, Hillary Clinton sustained concessions come the Castro brothers and got almost nothing in return for ending the embargo.

She sustained a deal that didn't even require this murderous regime to return a cop killer, jone Chesimard, to confront justice.

Chesimard murdered a brand-new Jersey State Trooper in cold blood, fled to Cuba and also lives over there to this really day.

How perform you live with your very own conscience when you reward a domestic terrorist with ongoing safety and also betray the family of please police officer wait for decades for justice for his murder? Hillary Clinton as coddler that the brutal Castro brothers and also betrayer the the family of fallen Trooper Werner Foerster guilty or no guilty?

Finally, here at home, in among her first decisions as Secretary the State, she collection up a personal e-mail server in her basement in violation the our national security.

Lets face it: Hillary Clinton cared an ext about protecting her own tricks than she did around protecting America's secrets.

Then she lied about it over and also over again.

She said there to be no marked classified information on she server.

The FBI Director claimed that was untrue.

She said that she did not email any classified information. The FBI Director stated that to be untrue.

She said all job-related related emails to be sent earlier to the State Department.

The FBI Director said that to be untrue.

As come Hillary Clinton, placing herself front of America guilty or no guilty? Hillary Clinton, lying come the American people around her selfish, awful judgment guilty or no guilty? Time after ~ time the facts, and also just the facts, command you come the exact same verdict both about the world and also at home.

In Libya and Nigeria guilty.

In China and Syria guilty.

In Iran and also Russia and also Cuba guilty.

And here at house on risking America's secrets to save her own and also lying come cover it every upguilty. Her focus group experiment persona, with no genuineness to be found, is a sham expected to obscure every the facts and also leave friend able to poll for her. Us cannot promote someone to Commander-in-Chief who has made the world a much more violent and also dangerous place with every poor judgment she has made.

We cannot make the Chief legislation Enforcement Officer that the United claims someone who has risked America's secrets and also lied around this to Congress and also the American people.

We didn't disqualify Hillary Clinton come be chairman of the United says the facts of her life and career disqualifies her. We in this hall agree with all of this.

But I desire to speak to every one of you at home, in your living rooms. You room the ones that will decide this election. We have actually an alternative.

We have a male who is unafraid.

We have a guy who wants to command us.

We have a guy who understands the frustrations and the aspirations of our other citizens.

We have a guy who judges people based upon their power regardless of her gender, race, country or spiritual background. We do not have to settle for less.

We cannot reward incompetence and deceit. We must demand more than what Hillary Clinton provides for America.

We know precisely what 4 years the Hillary Clinton will bring: every the failure of the Obama years, yet with less charm and much more lies. The is our responsibility to protect against Hillary Clinton now and also never let her within 10 mile of the White residence again.

It is time come come together and make sure that Donald trump card is our next President.

I am proud to be part of this team.

Now let's go success this thing."

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