Chris Cuomo is television journalist because that CNN. He is the child of former brand-new York governor Mario Cuomo and the younger brothers of current new York branch Andrew Cuomo.

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Who Is kris Cuomo?

Chris Cuomo earned his law level in 1995, climate switched gears and also pursued a career together a tv journalist. Within a few years, he ended up being the youngest correspondent ever before at 20/20, prior to his rotate as a news anchor on Good Morning America. Cuomo climate made the leap to CNN in 2013 together co-host of the morning show New Day, prior to moving to a later shift with Cuomo prime Time in 2018.

Early Life and also Brother

Cuomo to be born on august 9, 1970, in Queens, brand-new York. He grew up in kings as the youngest the five children of Matilda and Mario Cuomo. His father was a democratic politician; in 1982, once Chris to be 12 year old, Mario was chosen governor of new York. The family members subsequently moved right into the Governor's Mansion in Albany, wherein they stayed until Mario Cuomo left office in 1994.

With his workaholic father frequently absent, Cuomo to be raised mainly by his brothers Andrew, that was 13 years his elder. As soon as Chris left for Yale in 1988, his huge brother was the one to drop him turn off at school. Eventually, Andrew complied with in his dad's footsteps by being chosen governor of brand-new York in 2010.

After receiving his law degree from Fordham college in 1995, Cuomo walk on come a rewarding career together a wall surface Street lawyer, while coming to be one of the most sought-after bachelors in brand-new York. In 1997, People magazine included him top top its "Most Beautiful People" list. W newspaper then named him "New York's many eligible bachelor" after john F. Kennedy Jr. (who later on advised Cuomo, "Don't worry, they'll always consider girlfriend to it is in the bad man's me, anyway.")

Move to Journalism

Despite the exclusive right of his high-flying life, Cuomo uncovered the law unsatisfying and also decided come pursue occupational in journalism. Using his renowned name to his advantage, he had the ability to land a short-lived gig on the CNBC display Equal Time in 1997. That then functioned as Geraldo Rivera's co-host prior to securing a job as a reporter ~ above the program Fox Files.

Inside the family, Cuomo's brand-new choice that profession was greeted with some skepticism. To his father, journalism was a lesser kind of publicly service. "My pop didn't desire me to go into journalism," Cuomo recalled. "He supplied to say, 'Why do you simply cover these things? Why don't you go out and also do them?'" His brother Andrew was also skeptical, counseling his brother, "You obtained to decision what's an ext important: your an individual celebrity or what you're able to perform for other people."



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'20/20' and also 'Good Morning America'

Within a few years, however, the household had placed aside your reservations. "No, he's my son, Christopher, and also we're very proud the him, due to the fact that he's gonna it is in the youngest correspondent ever before at 20/20," Mario gushed come the crowd at a public occasion in 2000, simply after the younger Cuomo to be hired by ABC's flagship newsmagazine. Producer at the display hoped Chris might attract a younger audience because that the venerable show. To that end, his an initial story for 20/20 focused on the manager of young bands *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

In 2006, Cuomo proved a much more mature side together news anchor that ABC's Good Morning America, whereby he take it on investigative projects and premiered a feature dubbed "Cuomo's AmeriCANs," which placed the spotlight on american making a distinction in their local communities. In 2009, Cuomo was promoted to a more prominent function on 20/20, co-hosting alongside Elizabeth Vargas.

CNN: 'New Day' and also 'Cuomo element Time'

Making the jump to CNN in beforehand 2013, Cuomo came to be co-host that its revamped morning program, New Day, in June. He found ways to stand the end amid the overfilled cable news personality landscape, particularly through his spicy criticism that Republican candidate-turned-president Donald Trump. Additionally, he held the five-part special collection Headline on HLN in so late 2017.

After a couple of trial runs, the organize was handed the reins the a weekday 9 p.m. Program, Cuomo element Time, in June 2018. The move was reportedly designed to minimize Anderson Cooper's prime-time show from two hours to one and counter sagging ratings.

Wife and Family

Cuomo married Cristina Greeven, a newspaper editor, in 2001. The pair has three children: daughters Bella and Carolina and also son Mario.

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In in march 2020, as big brother Andrew was making headlines because that his actions between the rapid spread the the coronavirus in brand-new York, Cuomo announced the he had actually tested optimistic for COVID-19. Two weeks later, that revealed the his wife was also battling the illness.

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