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Who: Emmy and golden Globe-nominated actress Jessica Biel, 37, and Captain America star kris Evans, 38.

How castle Met: The scenarios of Biel and also Evans’s arrival are unknown (to methey ~probably~ know exactly how they met), I’d guess they ran in similar young, warm actor circles. The pair began dating in 2001, which, because that reference, to be the year Evans starred in (and was finest known for) Not another Teen Movie, and around six seasons right into Biel’s tenure ~ above 7th Heaven. If the social context isn’t sufficient to transport you to the land before smart phones, here’s a reminder the what it looked like:



Why we Loved Them: from the sound of it, Jessica and also Chris were the super cute, super energetic (and frankly supervisor annoying) pair who are constantly trying new things and gushing over their “person” in ultra-curated Instagram posts. Like, they go skydiving — because that VALENTINE’S DAY. Nothing claims “I love you” choose a life-threatening plunge into the cloudy abyss … when they weren’t adventuring, the couple was liven co-starring in poorly received movies — thriller Cellular in 2004 and romantic drama London the complying with year.

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When lock Peaked: In a 2005 interview with Cosmopolitan, Biel opened up about what Evans was favor as a boyfriend, revealing the he surprised she on her 21st date of birth by scattering rose petals on her bed. Biel made herself sound prefer a lovely partner as well, explaining the she love to take photos that Chris and his dog and also enjoyed cooking for that (the human “him”). “It's old-fashioned and also fun, and also I feel kind of homemaker-y and good doing it,” she said the outlet.


The Breakup: through 2006, Chrissica (Jiss?) to be no longer. Neither actor is specifically fond of discussing their love lives publicly, so us don’t have actually a ton the clues regarding what went wrong in between the couple. I mean, simply one year former Biel had actually said the she and also Evans “always speak about” marriage — the trace is cold.

In a 2013 interview v W, Evans admitted that he could be argumentative in his previous relationships. Speak of his character from the 2005 film London, in which the starred opposite Biel, the actor admitted he could relate to the "narcissistic drug addict" he played. "I’ve had actually those debates with women; I’ve stated those things," that noted.

In an Esquire profile in 2017, the actor debated the strain of his field of work-related on a relationship, explaining, "Letting someone walk to work-related with someone for three months ... Castle won't view them. The really, it absolutely puts the relationship to the test.”

Just this year, Evans admitted that retaining his self-reliance is vital in a relationship. “I really choose to be v someone who also has their own thing to perform as well,” the told The Hollywood Reporter. “If I'm with someone who simply kind of adopts my life, that deserve to feel a little suffocating."

But factors for the separation aside, Evans cases he’s on great terms v all his exes. “I've had no negative breakups in my life,” he told Elle. “Typically, if I see an ex, I offer a huge hug, and also it's exorbitant to record up. If you're ever before fortunate sufficient to love someone and also have castle love girlfriend back, it's precious protecting that. It's rare that someone can truly recognize you. And also if you've damaged through that type of wall, ns think it's essential to worth that.”

Jessica Biel and also Chris Evans in ~ PlayStation 2 and Mark Wahlberg organize Celebrity Gaming competition for Charity

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Where They space Now: Not lengthy after separating from Evans, Biel take it up through a quiet indie singer you’ve most likely never heard of, Justin Timberlake. After breaking up and also making increase in 2011, the pair wed in 2012. They welcomed kid Silas in 2015.

Biel, who earned raves in anthology collection The Sinner, return to TV this month with supernatural Facebook watch crime collection Limetown.

Post-Biel, Evans dated actresses Minka Kelly and also Jenny Slate. That was also briefly attached to Lily Collins and Elizabeth Olsen, though neither that those relationships were confirmed.

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Evans went on come star in a quiet indie franchise the you’ve additionally probably never heard of … Captain America? The Avengers? Ring any type of bells? following up, the actor deserve to be checked out in murder mystery Knives Out and also Apple TV+ miniseries Defending Jacob.