<Update: kris Evans has taken to Twitter come throw part water top top Deadline"s scoop, merely stating, "News to me" v a shrug emoji. Not completely a denial, and Deadline isn"t susceptible to make mistakes this big, yet it"s a curious development nonetheless. This may not be as done a deal as we previously thought.>

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In additional proof that no one is really ever truly unable to do in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Evans is supposedly negotiating a return as Captain America. Every Deadline, the actor is nearing a deal to reprise his function as Steve Rogers in at least one Marvel project, through the door open up for that to appear in a 2nd film as well.

Evans stated goodbye to the MCU in Avengers: Endgame, which significant the finish of his contract with Marvel Studios and also saw Steve Rogers opting no to time travel back to the existing after returning every the scattered Infinity Stones, and instead living out his life as he should have with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in the 1940s, later on popping up in present day as an old man. That handed the shield over to Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, setup up the upcoming Disney+ collection The Falcon and also the Winter Soldier.

Which method we don’t really know exactly how Evans will appear in this unnamed Marvel project, and also the usage of words “project” method it could an extremely well be a Disney+ series. Marvel Studios’ first-ever TV present debuts this Friday ~ above Disney+ v WandaVision, i m sorry is said to lead directly into the feature film sequel Doctor weird in the Multiverse the Madness – a movie the will bring the idea of the multiverse right into the MCU. Offered that, Evans can conceivably show up as his younger Steve Rogers me in a parallel universe, if that’s where the MCU is going.

chris-evans-captain-america-civil-war-image image via Marvel
other contenders encompass Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder, i beg your pardon is about to begin filming in Australia and is currently assembling lot of the Guardians of the Galaxy actors as co-stars, or even the at this time filming Spider-Man sequel i beg your pardon is likewise using the multiverse to carry Spider-Men prefer Andrew Garfield and also Tobey Magurie into the fold.

deadline notes the Evans’ return is not intended to be together the star that another Captain America sequel, however will instead mirror Robert Downey Jr.’s key supporting role in the MCU ~ Iron man 3. Will he stick about as a mentor number in a brand-new form, or is this deal simply for one eye-popping supporting role in one movie, after i m sorry Steve Rogers will certainly retreat ago into the shadows? It’s all unclear in ~ this point in time, yet this is certainly an interesting development.

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