The game show "Who desires to it is in a Millionaire" is coming to an finish after 20 years, the critical 17 in syndication.

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It’s the end of a game-show era: Who wants to be a Millionaire has actually been canceled.

The long-running effort, which was a phenomenon in its early network operation on ABC and has aired in syndication since 2002, will finish after its existing season, The Hollywood Reporter has actually confirmed.

“After a effective 17-year run, Who desires to it is in a Millionairewill no return in nationwide syndication because that the 2019-20 season,” a rep for the present said. The collection is created by Valleycrest Productions and also distributed by Disney ABC residence Entertainment and Television Distribution.

Who wants to be a Millionaire, an adaptation of a British game show, premiered on alphabet in respectable 1999 v Regis Philbin together host. The quickly ended up being a breakout hit, drawing as numerous as 30 million viewers in its very first season and also expanding to as countless as 4 nights a week.

The show likewise covered a variety of holes in ABC’s schedule at the time, which to be exposed when it subsequently faded. Philbin has returned to host a handful of primetime specials because the finish of its regular network run in 2002.


The show went into syndication in September 2002 through slightly various gameplay and Meredith Vieira together host. She departed in 2013, v Cedric the Entertainer and Terry Crews adhering to for a season each. The Bachelor‘s kris Harrison has hosted the show due to the fact that 2015.

Who wants to it is in a Millionaire is averaging around 2.24 million viewers this season, in the middle of the pack for syndicated reflects as a whole but well behind top video game shows Jeopardy, Wheel the Fortune and Family Feud — every one of which attract at the very least 9.5 million day-to-day viewers.

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The show’s cancellation might leave a feet in regional stations’ schedule for following season. The autumn is collection to attribute a number of high-profile syndicated launches — consisting of the Vieira-hosted game show 25 native or Less — but distribution arrangements because that those reflects are mostly set.