Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), seen right here in a record photo, said he will look for to host a town hall in West Virginia even after the original venue canceled the event. (Craig Ruttle/AP)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is elevating questions about the surprise cancellation that a town hall meeting in West Virginia, i m sorry was scheduled for Monday morning and also was to it is in filmed for an MSNBC special. In a statement, Sanders stated that a nationwide Guard armory that had actually been booked for the city hall had actually canceled there is no explanation, and that the network to be unable to uncover a new venue on short notice.

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“If everyone in West Virginia federal government thinks the I will be intimidated indigenous going come McDowell County, West Virginia, to host a town meeting, they space dead wrong,” Sanders claimed in a statement. “If lock don’t allow us to use the neighborhood armory, we’ll find one more building. If we can’t find one more building, we’ll hold the meeting out in the streets. That city meeting will be held. Poor in America will be discussed. Options will it is in found.”

The city hall conference was set to be held in McDowell County, the poorest part of West Virginia, v the greatest rate of drug overdose in the state and the shortest life span of any kind of county in the United says — 64 years. In November, Donald Trump won 74.1 percent that the poll in the county, but in the democratic primary six months earlier, Sanders winner 55.2 percent the the vote.

On Friday night, as first reported by the Charleston Gazette-Mail, MSNBC and Sanders learned the the armory would not be accessible for the city hall, which to be to it is in moderated by host Chris Hayes. When the state national Guard and brand-new Gov. Jim justice (D-W.Va.) have not talked about the cancellation, people with knowledge of the occasion say it had been planned for weeks, and also they to be told belatedly the the venue could not organize a political event.

“I want civilization to see, firsthand, exactly how poverty leads to devastating despair and that, in reality, how it is a fatality sentence because that many,” that said. “In McDowell County, one of the poorest locations in among our poorest states, human being are currently living shorter lives 보다 their parents. Unemployment is sky high, drug addiction is in ~ an epidemic rate, and the schools absence adequate funding. That is high time the we, together a nation, heard from the people who are affected by this crisis and also determined the ideal ways forward.”

Sanders was to it is in in the state Sunday and also Monday, and also MSNBC said it would look for an additional time to film an occasion with Sanders. It scored a ratings hit in January with a Sanders town hall in Kenosha, Wis., a ar that had voted democratic for decades yet flipped come Donald Trump last year.

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