When Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus separation up in 2019, it wasn't hard to guess where Liam was going to walk for support.

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He saw his indigenous Australia and stayed v brother Chris Hemsworth and the Thor star's family, naturally.

Liam and Chris to be out gaining frozen yogurt together, in fact, when the Daily mail Australia approached the newly single star because that a comment and he simply said he didn't want to talk about it. Also soon.

But establish that residence is where the heart and the merciless teasing only family can administer is, Liam ended up to buy a home near the one kris shares v wife Elsa Pataky and also their three kids in Byron Bay, where their parents, Craig and also Leonie, also are living this days. (Chris and also Elsa are at this time living in Sydney, wherein he's shoot Thor: Love and also Thunder and she's working on the film Interceptor, which kris is additionally producing, however Elsa called the Sydney Morning Herald last month that they expect to be spending weekends in Byron Bay.)

Being all with each other in their residence country, through, is absolutely a lot less complicated than having actually to hop on a 14-hour trip to Los Angeles.

Famous Celebrity Brothers

When the brothers are on the exact same continent, permit alone the very same city, they prefer to fight the gym and also go surfing—basically any activity in which they deserve to rib each other, such as once Chris appraised Liam's physique in one Instagram video while lock were out at the beach, saying, "Look in ~ the body on that."


"You constantly find support in your family, and he's join at the hip v his brother, who has been there to give all the stamin he needed," Elsa told reporters (translated indigenous Spanish) at an event for lingerie brand Women's Secret.

Liam "needed to gain out of town and away indigenous it every to have the ability to get part perspective," an insider called E! News about Liam's decision to it is in in Australia together the breakup story unfolded. "He is with the people he loves and just acquisition each day together it comes. Everyone has actually been an extremely supportive and trying to take it his mind turn off of things. He's not in a sirloin to figure out wherein to walk next."

His girl friend of much more than a year, Gabriella Brooks, obviously obtained the expanded Hemsworth family's seal of approval, because she to be there for the Roaring '20s-themed party they had actually for Luke's 40th in November. Flapper costumes, yes. Prohibition, no.

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"She desires to be in Australia simply as lot as the does and they both really enjoy being there and spending time through family and friends," a source told E! News together their partnership was heating up last March.