A Saturday Night Live alum has revealed how his sex life brought about the demise of his longtime friendship v co-star will Ferrell.

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Saturday Night Live alum chris Kattan insurance claims in a new book the his friendship with co-star will Ferrell was damaged over an on-set relationship with a film’s would-be director — which he states producer Lorne Michaels pressured him into.

In his explosive memoir, Baby, Don’t hurt Me, Kattan revealed Michaels urged him to have actually sex with Amy Heckerling for this reason she would continue to be attached to ’90s elafilador.netedy movie A Night in ~ the Roxbury.


Kattan, climate 27, claimed he at first rebuffed 43-year-old Heckerling’s advances, however relented elafilador.netplying with a “furious” speak to from Michaels explain the manager might ago out the the project.

The mystery dalliances v Heckerling at some point put a stress, overload on his partnership with co-star Ferrell, follow to Kattan.

“I had actually tried to hide my partnership with Amy, no realising how noticeable it had actually been to everyone else, consisting of Will (not to cite that Lorne called him about it in the first place),” Kattan wrote.


Ferrell and also Kattan performing a kiss ~ above the lips during a skit around band Air supply on SNL in 1998.

Heckerling finished up signing on together a producer ~ above the movie, through John Fortenberry directing.

After the movie wrapped, Ferrell quit responding elafilador.nete his calls and also didn’t speak elafilador.nete him until they both returned to the SNL collection for season 23.

“So, I acquired all her messages, yet I didn’t speak to you earlier because ns didn’t want to speak to you,” Ferrell allegedly told Kattan.


Ferrell reportedly told Kattan the no longer wanted to be friends. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Without citing a reason, Ferrell supposedly told his partner that, “I don’t want to be her friend anymore. I’m walk to be professional and still work-related with girlfriend on the show, but that’s it.”

Kattan, however, stated it was clear what was causing Ferrell’s hurt.

“I didn’t understand or hadn’t let myself see till that minute that return the case with Amy hadn’t directly involved Will, my actions and dishonesty had made him feel deceived and betrayed,” Kattan said.

“And now every little thing Will and I had done and shared — whatever that had actually made us feel choose a team, that incredible amount that trust the been built up — was broken,” the said.

A rep because that Ferrell didn’t immediately respond to a request for elafilador.netment.

An SNL spokesman denied Kattan’s claims around Michaels, saying, “This did no happen.”

This story originally appeared in page Six and is republished here with permission.

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