It’s a small Bachelor nation after all. Before Hannah Ann Sluss competed for Peter Weber’s heart on The Bachelor, she showed up in Lauren Bushnell’s now-husband kris Lane’s “I nothing Know about You” music video.

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“Oh, yeah. It was great. She was very professional,” the 35-year-old country singer recalled to Us Weekly solely while promoting Schick Hydro’s #ShaveFromHome campaign. “I didn’t understand her before the video clip and it type of happened, ns believe, last second, however she stepped in. She did a good job.”


kris Lane and also Hannah Ann Sluss. Shutterstock; ABC/Eric McCandless

The video for Lane’s struggle single, i beg your pardon stars Sluss, currently 24, reduce in October 2018.

“The song itself obviously was the biggest song of mine career and I think the made the the biggest video clip of mine career together well,” that told Us. “But yeah, happy for her the she was able to obtain on the show. And it sounds choose she did well on there as well.”


kris Lane and Hannah Ann Sluss in his music video ‘I nothing Know about You’. VEVO

While the “Big, large Plans” crooner is married come 30-year-old Bushnell — who won season 20 of The Bachelor — the couple didn’t tune right into Weber’s season that the show.

“I haven’t seen The Bachelor in a hot minute!” lane told Us. “I actually, years and also years and also years ago, I provided to watch all the time. Yet I would certainly say over the last 3 seasons, ns haven’t also seen an episode.”

Lane and also Bushnell bound the knot in Nashville in October 2019. The former trip attendant to be previously involved to season 20 Bachelor Ben Higgins. The twosome called it quits in might 2017 after more than a year together.



Sluss, meanwhile, got involved to Weber during the season 24 finale of The Bachelor, i beg your pardon aired in March. The model and the pilot break-up two month after he acquired down on one knee in Australia.

While Sluss has due to the fact that been spotted v Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, Weber reconnected through contestant Kelley Flanagan.

While hanging at residence with his wife, roadway participated in Schick Hydro’s #ShaveFromHome project where he shave his beard and encouraged Schick users to donate come the nationwide Association that Barbers via GoFundMe. One-hundred percent that donations will go to out-of-work barbers throughout the country.

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