The Massachusetts senator to be left incredulous end Matthews’ line of questioning, however she fired back.

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MSNBC organize Chris Matthews, fresh off his apology come Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) because that comparing his Nevada main victory come a Nazi invasion, sparked an ext controversy Tuesday night once he aggressively pressed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) to explain why she believed one that Michael Bloomberg’s accusers over Bloomberg himself.

During Tuesday evening’s chaotic democratic primary debate, Warren directly confronted the former brand-new York City market over his therapy of women over the years. Notably, she brought up a sue in which a mrs employee alleged Bloomberg had actually told her to “kill it” when he uncovered out she to be pregnant. Bloomberg insisted he “never said it,” in spite of the fact he ultimately reached a confidential settlement with the woman.

Following the debate, Matthews satellite down with Warren during MSNBC’s post-game coverage and immediately started grilling her on that moment.

“Do you think that the previous mayor of brand-new York stated that come a pregnant employee?” Matthews wondered aloud.

After the Massachusetts senator claimed the worry of pregnant discrimination to be “personal” for her, she noted that there has actually been a history of people saying that they can’t believe women.

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“Really? Why not?” Warren exclaimed, adding that Bloomberg has nondisclosure agreements through “who to know how many women” if asking just how the ex-mayor deserve to be trusted if that won’t release them all from NDAs in order to tell your stories. (Bloomberg has acknowledged that his company signed nondisclosure agreements with 3 women but downplayed the definition of the complaints in ~ the center of the agreements, speak they concerned only “comments” or “maybe lock didn't choose a joke ns told.”)

“Everybody deserves a credible response when they do a charge favor that,” Matthews retorted. “My question, do you think he’s lying?”

Warren responded that she believes the woman, prompting the MSNBC host to shoot back: “You believe he’s lying!”

“Why would he lie?” Matthews continued. “Because just to defend himself?”

Telling the MSNBC star “yeah,” an incredulous Warren then asked Matthews “Why would certainly she lie?”—leaving the organize briefly dumbstruck.

“I just want to make certain you’re clear about this,” Matthews said after recovering. “You’re confident of her accusation?”

“Look, all I understand is what she said and also what he said,” Warren responded. “And I’ve been on her end of that in the sense of discrimination based upon pregnancy. It happens all throughout this country, and men all throughout this country say, ‘Oh my gosh, he never would have actually said that.’ Really?!”

As far as the veracity of the woman’s story, a third-party witness said he heard the conversation in question. David Zielenziger, likewise a previous Bloomberg employee, told the Washington Post around the exchange, more noting that Bloomberg’s behavior was “outrageous” and he “understood why she take it offense.”