"Her smile, she patience, she fortitude. Her devotion, as a mother, together a wife," the Tomorrow War star said the his favourite things about his spouse

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On Monday, the 41-year-old gibbs sang mam Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt's praises during a Q+A session v fans on his Instagram Story, front of the pair's second wedding anniversary Tuesday.

"Her smile, she patience, she fortitude. She devotion, as a mother, together a wife," Pratt claimed of his spouse, 31. "Her faith."

"Her laugh, also at unreasonable times, favor at a funeral or something. It's quite contagious," he ongoing with a chuckle. "It's ours anniversary tomorrow - happy anniversary! Wish she a happy anniversary."






The pair began date in the summer the 2018, and also wed a year later in Montecito, California top top June 8, 2019.

"The to meet is beautiful. Numerous flowers and also greenery everywhere. It's a an extremely romantic setting for a wedding," a resource told human being of the nuptials at the time. "The totality family take it wedding photos, consisting of her parents Maria  and Arnold . Everyone just looked therefore happy."

In respectable 2020, the pair welcomed their very first child, daughter Lyla Maria. In enhancement to Lyla, Pratt shares boy Jack, 9, with ex-wife Anna Faris, from whom he separation in august 2017.

On Mother's Day, the Guardians that the Galaxy actor celebrated Schwarzenegger Pratt through a loving tribute on social media.

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katherineschwarzenegger This is your an initial year as a mom, your third year together a step mom, and 31st year together a hot momma," he wrote.