Why kris Pratt Isn't In Marvel's Guardians the the Galaxy game Eidos-Montreal has evidenced Marvel"s Guardians the the Galaxy take away place external the MCU"s continuity, making chris Pratt"s illustration impossible.

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Why chris Pratt Isn't In Marvel's Guardians that the Galaxy Game
Marvel"s Guardians that the Galaxy is an upcoming action-adventure game arisen by Eidos-Montreal, yet MCU fans won’t it is in seeing chris Pratt’s voice talents in this project. Since its reveal, Eidos-Montreal has actually clarified that Marvel’s Guardians that the Galaxy doesn"t re-superstructure MCU"s continuity. As added GotG trailers revealed an ext information around the in-game universe, it’s clear developers have done all they have the right to to produce a unique, live independence vision. When the cast of the Guardians team hasn’t changed, their backstories and legacies have significantly departed indigenous the MCU’s versions.

Marvel’s Guardians that the Galaxy occurs ~ a Galactic War between the Chitauri and the rest of the universe. Each Guardians’ life has been upended through the calamity left in the wake, enduring losses or coming to be heroes during the bloodshed. GotG"s Drax the Destroyer eliminated Thanos in battle, despite he appears to believe Thanos survived. Gamora, when a Daughter of Thanos, defected indigenous the mad Titan to sign up with the Nova Corps and aid them loss the Chitauri. Rocket and Groot space both endangered varieties and committed partners-in-crime. Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, likely sustained the most alters to his character from the MCU.

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From the restricted backstory Eidos-Montreal has revealed, Peter Quill to be kidnapped from planet as a teenager throughout Guardians of the Galaxy"s Chitauri War. His mom was killed, and also Peter was imprisoned for several years together ransom to pressure his father, the ruler of a distant planet, come surrender. The Chitauri held Peter captive for years, whereby he met Yondu Udonta. The pair escaped together, leading Peter to sign up with the Ravagers and also become Star-Lord. ~ the the war"s end, Star-Lord created the Guardians that the Galaxy, a hero-for-hire team that plan to profit off the post-war chaos.

Star-Lord wielding his element Guns in Guardians that The Galaxy Vol. 2
given the lengths Eidos-Montreal has actually gone to make a distinct world, that no surprised that kris Pratt’s Star-Lord won"t appear in Guardians of the Galaxy. In a recent video, Eidos-Montreal comprehensive various inspirations from GotG comics that permitted the team to explore lesser-known elements of the team and also universe. An excellent efforts it seems ~ to have been made come include brand-new designs, distinct voice actors, and also different narratives so that the team could store the material tailored toward games as a medium.

Despite the popularity of the MCU portrayals and your iconic execution of the characters, Marvel’s Guardians that the Galaxy game is likely being aligned to appeal to an audience the doesn"t just incorporate existing MCU fans. While some of those moviegoers without doubt enjoy gamings as well, Eidos-Montreal seems to be bank on a an ext bespoke vision the the personalities stepping back from the expectations set by the films.

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy releases October 26 on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.