Can girlfriend imagine kris Pratt not playing Peter Quill/Star-Lord? It practically happened, as Pratt initially didn’t want to audition for Guardians the the Galaxy, follow to the primary casting director responsible for casting every one of the Marvel films.

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The Guardians director took part convincing

Sarah Finn, who has been the casting director responsible because that the 22 Marvel films, is definitely great at her job. During the Avengers: Endgame premiere this week, Finn talked with range about one of the more complicated casting decisions that she was involved in.

“They’re all daunting in their very own ways but I would probably go v Guardians that the Galaxy and also Star-Lord,” she shared.

Finn described that Pratt didn’t desire to audition forStar-Lord initially, noting: “ James Gunn has been an extremely generousabout this in saying that I, to the allude of stroked nerves him, retained insisting thatChris Prattwas theguy because that the part. However Chris didn’t want to play the part and refuse toaudition.”

She added: “I ultimately got him come audition and James Gunn stated he didn’t desire to view him, and also that was yes, really a challenge.”

Sarah Finn has cast over 22 #Avengers movies and also shares that the very first person she cast was Robert Downey Jr. Together #IronMan

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Pratt verified to it is in the perfect Star-Lord

All it took was Finn gaining Pratt in addition to Gunn andthe rest is history. She explained: “It to be honestly one of those eurekamoments that we talk around in casting when the absolutely feeling right and youknow the right. James turned to me in ~ 10 seconds and also said, ‘He’s theguy.’”

Finn knew that the actor to be a good fit, she explained,because “We were analysis a many actors, and many of them to be incredible and hadwonderful execution of the character, yet I honestly preserved hearing kris in myhead.”

Pratt was born come play Star-Lord and also Finn detailed that “It wasgreat when he determined he was interested,” adding, “Now it’s legend, he’s theperfect person.”

In his defense, Finn said that the first Guardians to be a hard sell because that Pratt, sharing, “At the moment we were embarking ~ above a movie that had actually a raccoon and a talk tree, and a home that world weren’t acquainted with.”

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Why Robert Downey Jr. Was perfect as Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. Was, the course, the first of the Marvel universe personalities that Finn actors in Iron Man in 2006. When asked “How did you understand he to be the guy?,” Finn responded, “It was a long and also thoughtful process and really after talking, safety a most time v Jon Favreau, Kevin Feige, knowledge what the personality was, it really ended up being clear there was no one but Robert that could lug him to life.”’

Finn described that at the time of casting Iron Man, Downey Jr. “wasn’t known as an action hero” however those affiliated were in search of “the best actor for the role.”

She likewise spoke about what an remarkable journey the been, sharing, “We had no idea what this to be going to come to be so the pretty overwhelming and also amazing come be below tonight.”