Chris Pratt common a steamy scene through wife Anna Faris once he guest-starred ~ above the struggle CBS sitcom Mom

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Chris Pratt guest-starred on the fight CBS sitcom Mom Thursday night, where he common a steamy scene with star Anna Faris. And also if the on-screen chemistry between the two was hot, it’s due to the fact that the real-life couple have had actually a lot of suffer off screen.

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In the illustration (Pratt’s very first appearance ~ above the show), the 37-year-old Passengers star play charming horseback talk instructor Nick, who Christy (Faris) made decision to pursue.

As an excuse to see him again, Christy saw the steed stable where Nick works, pretending to research possible places because that her kid to take steed riding lessons. Things easily turned romantic, through the two going for a literal role in the hay — having sex on barrels of cap in the equine stable.

“We have a sex scene, favor a sexy scene,” Pratt called Entertainment Tonight. “We’ve been rehearsing that for 10 years.”

It quickly became clear that Nick to be a little bit of a clinger. The 2 agreed to keep their partnership under wraps . But on their dinner date, the couldn’t avoid making out with Christy — much to the disdain of your waiter and also fellow diners.

Later, he admitted that he’s currently thinking around walking under the aisle v his brand-new fling. “I’m going to be share the bone-in tomahawk rib-eye v the woman I’m going to marry,” that nonchalantly called the waiter.

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As if those red flags weren’t enough, Nick attracted a sketch of Christy through a horse’s human body — and sang one off-key song on the etc to try to romance her again.

It wasn’t until Christy ultimately revealed her mystery affair through Nick the she discovered out the truth around him. Follow to Nick’s aunt Marjorie (Mimi Kennedy), Nick’s “not well” — having actually lived “most of his life in a … facility.”

He’s additionally not may be to take it a hint, apparently. Once Christy do the efforts to rest up with him, Nick didn’t it seems to be ~ to recognize what was happening, telling her, “You’re together a silly!”

So what walk Christy do? Well, she decided to prioritize she sexual needs over his obsession … simply this once. “Oh what the hell,” she joked, “I’m crazy too!”

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Chris Pratt top top Steamy Mom Cameo through Wife Anna Faris: "We"ve been Practicing the Sex Scene for 10 Years!"