Every time friend laugh, you’re offering your laugh lines and also crow’s feet a workout.

So, if a comedian prefer Chis Rock has plastic surgery, would certainly you reprimand him?

I won’t.

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Before and After Pictures

I’m not saying kris had any kind of work done. I just want to carry out some comparisons prior to making the last call.

Did chris Rock have botox?


I don’t view a the majority of wrinkles on Chris’ face.

What ns seeing though is a slight puffiness top top his cheeks and maybe also on his forehead. Now, this deserve to either it is in botox or facial fat the he has gained naturally.

All I know is he looks younger.

Has Chris had a facelift?


For a man approaching 60, ns think chris is act a great job through his skin.

I can not spot plenty of lines here, permit alone any kind of sagging. Therefore a facelift shouldn’t be in his consideration at the moment.

Instead, the usual swelling follow me his jawline is what attracts me. I’m guessing confront fillers can be doing part magic behind the scene.

Did he gain a nose job?


To me, Chris’ sleep looks identical to his younger self.

There space no indicators of a nose project anywhere.

An easy “No” from me.

Does Chris have real teeth?


Yes, Chris had some crooked prior teeth.

But I’m certain most space real, except his front tooth which could be made up of veneers.

I know obtaining braces can easily fix the gap. Yet the forms of those front teeth simply looks a bit various to me.

Final Thoughts

Let’s placed it this way.

If my face can look at this smooth when I reach Chris’ age, I’ll never be afraid to laugh again.

As to even if it is cosmetic surgical treatment played a part, I will let you do the call.

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