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Normally, the wouldn’t it is in news the a 2007 chris Rock dramedy struggle Hulu, yet I Think ns Love My mam is an ext than simply a forget flick. The is at the facility at among a lengthy simmering rumor around Chris Rock and Kerry Washington. Friend see, chris Rock revealed in a 2017 stand up set that he had actually cheated three times ~ above his wife, once with a famed actress. The gossip is that actress to be his I Think i Love my Wife co-star Kerry Washington.

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Page 6 reported in 2017 the the “famous” mrs Rock had an affair with was Washington, and they added that “buzz” around the hookup started ago in 2007, however no one report it. One unnamed source told page Six, “He was cheating ~ above his wife with Kerry when they to be filming <I Think i Love my Wife> about him, ironically, having fantasies of cheating top top his wife. The went on for a while, for choose six months, and she discovered out. There’s no gray area.”

Another source, this one “close come Rock,” didn’t wholly check this rumor, however they additionally didn’t entirely deny it. “ to be friends with Kerry approximately that time. They did the movie together. The was likewise separated indigenous Malaak about that time. They were off-and-on a lot throughout their marriage. It was a rocky situation.”

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Now, it’s important to remember the neither Rock no one Washington has confirmed that there to be an affair, therefore this is simply gossip. However the reason why this story is specifically juicy since it would give i Think i Love mine Wife an extra oomph the meta-ness.

I Think ns Love mine Wife is a work again, please again of Éric Rohmer’s classic film Chloe in the Afternoon. The French film, like I Think i Love my Wife, is about a married male who finds himself tempted by a younger, sexier woman. Kris Rock wrote, directed, and also starred in I Think i Love mine Wife, and Kerry Washington theatre Nikki, the incorrigible seductress. Therefore the rumor is usually that chris Rock cheated top top his mam while filming a movie around cheating on his wife, and he cheated top top her through the object of his lust in the film. Oh, and he directed the film, too, therefore it’s nearly like that crafted his own fantasy on film — and possibly plot upon that in actual life.

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As cinema goes, I Think i Love mine Wife is quite blah — you’d it is in much far better served carving out time to clock Chloe in the Afternoon — however as a thing in Hollywood gossip history, ns Think i Love mine Wife is explosive.