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Whitney Carson hasn"t spoken to her previous Dancing through the Stars partner, kris Soules, since his tragic auto crash top top Monday.

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Soules made headlines earlier this week because that allegedly fleeing the scene after a fatal auto crash. The previous Bachelor rear-endedKenneth Mosher"s tractor in his 2008 Chevrolet Silverado truck, called 911 to report the incident, and also then allegedly fled the scene. The was later on arrested and also charged with Leaving the scene of a Fatality Motor vehicle Accident (Class D Felony).

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ET"s Brice Sander caught up v the 23-year-old dancer on the red carpet in ~ the Radio Disney Music Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday, wherein she revealed the she hasn"t spoken with Soules, however didn"t shy far from speaking about her current season that Dancing v the Stars, through Chris Kattan.

"I did have actually a emotion , but at the very same time, you i do not know really setup for it," Carson said. "So it’s weird. I’ve never been kicked off, like, the an initial week. That’s yes, really weird because that me, for this reason I’m having actually fun just doing the opening numbers and also just like, hanging out through everybody and also just acquisition it easy this season."

For Carson, however, pagan Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy"s recent elimination was far more shocking.

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"That to be the greatest surprise, because Heather is together an impressive dancer," she shared. "I felt favor she didn’t reach she potential yet. So i was really sad to watch her go."

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"I think the totality thing through Maks being the end of the competition certainly hindered her a little bit," she added. "So i wish ns would have seen her roughly a tiny bit more."

See more on the shocking elimination in the video clip below.

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