The stop HBO television collection Game the Thrones is currently in the midst of the eighth and final season, and the 3rd episode that aired Sunday night (4-28) had a country music tie-in that you probably missed. The series is well-known for its musical cameos, i m sorry in the past have contained Ed Sheeran, Gary Lightbody of eye Patrol, hefty metal tape Mastadon, members of Bastille, Coldplay drummer will Champion, and others. Now country music’s kris Stapleton has joined the clan the Game the Thrones musical cameos.

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Confirmed by kris Stapleton’s wife and fellow show Morgane, and also later by Stapleton self (see below), the Grammy-winning Kentucky singer and also songwriter confirmed up in Season 8, illustration 3 licensed has been granted “The long Night” as a collapse Wildling that becomes a White Walker. His appearances was brief, and also hard come make the end in the dim light, yet Morgane posted a photograph and video clip of Stapleton and his signature bushy beard as he put on his back on a burning battlefield, confirming the appearance. Sans the turquoise-adorned straw hat Stapleton repeatedly wears ~ above stage, the girthy, long-haired red head makes just around the perfect character for medieval fantasy.

Chris Stapleton is reportedly a big fan that the show, and also had his management reach out about making an appearance. Game that Thrones producers gladly accepted, and after offering Stapleton a quick run down on the movements of a White Walker, they threw him the end on the set. Stapleton’s bass player and road manager J.T. Cure also made an figure in the episode.

Given credit transaction for igniting a roots resurgence in mainstream nation after the shocked the world at the 2015 CMA Awards, Stapleton has become one of nation music’s regular album sellers and biggest concert draws. Previously this year the relaunched his All-American Roadshow Tour, with days extending right into November, and also featuring openers Margo Price, The Marcus King Band, brothers Osborne, songwriter Kendell Marvel, and Brent Cobb.

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Games the Thrones has end up being one the the greatest franchises in modern-day television history, pulling in end 10 million viewers for the very first two illustration of its last season. Three more episodes remain before the collection wraps.