Who no love Jackie Chan? that is by far one that the many popular eastern actors top top the planet and has to be for some time. In fact, one of his most well-known movies is slowly making its method up the streaming charts, comes in at the number four spot through a bullet on the HBO Max streamer.

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Rush Hour is a Jackie Chan staple. In addition to Chris Tucker, the pair split sides in this buddy-cop action-comedy thriller that showcased Chan’s martial arts capability as well as Tucker’s perfect feeling of comedic timing.

The story starts with Jackie Chan’s Inspector Lee top a raid in Hong Kong make the efforts to catch the unidentified and also mysterious crime lord Juntao. Instead of recognize the crime lord, he find Juntao’s right-hand man, Sang, that escapes. Yet Lee is able to retrieve a number of stolen Chinese treasures and also present them to Chinse Consul Han prior to he transfers to Los Angeles and the British commander Griffin (Tom Wilkinson).


It’s not long after Han and also his household arrives in LA the his daughter Soo Yung is kidnapped. Han automatically calls Lee (Jackie Chan) in Hong Kong, asking for his help, i beg your pardon Lee agrees to. Yet the FBI is fear of an global incident, for this reason instead, lock send LA detective James Carter to pick up Lee at the airport and also keep the as much away native the case as possible.

What Carter doesn’t understand is that he is gift punished because that botching a sting, for this reason his babysitting task is the penance he pays. It doesn’t take Carter long to realize those going on, for this reason he decides he’ll fix the kidnapping instance on his own. That course, Lee doesn’t plan on letting the happen.

The two type a really uneasy relationship, both with the same goal but likewise with an extremely different approaches of obtaining stated goal. Jackie Chan’s Lee escapes Carter’s do the efforts of protecting against him from gaining to the Chinese Consulate yet when Lee arrives and then Carter, Carter accidentally negotiates a $50 million ransom drop.


The fall is a ruse through explosives set to take out the police and also FBI. It functions as many agents and also cops are killed. Lee and also Carter acknowledge Sang at the explode site however lose him after a an extensive chase. As the examination ensues, Lee and also Carter’s bond begins to thrive stronger together each play turn off their weaknesses as they acquire closer and closer come not just finding Soo Yung but additionally the identification of Juntao.

Rush Hour to be an instant hit because that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Chan had actually been make movie headlines because that his functions in movies such together The Legend the Drunken Master, Rumble in the Bronx, and also Mr. Quite Guy. His martial art an abilities were legendary as to be the truth that Chan perform his own stunts, together crazy as they were.

Chris Tucker, ~ above the other hand, was not also known a commodity. In his early career, he discovered himself in movies favor House Party 3, Friday, and Dead Presidents. He opened the civilization to his brand that comedy when he took on the classic duty of Ruby Rhod in the famous Bruce Willis-led The 5th Element. He climate co-led Money Talks the opposite Charlie Sheen before grabbing a small duty in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.


What is truly amazing about Tucker’s duty in Rush Hour is that the movie premiered in 1998. Since that time, Tucker has appeared in a total of 4 movies, 2 of them Rush Hour sequels.

In contrast to Tucker, Jackie Chan, because Rush Hour, has showed up in no less than 35 movies which additionally include the Rush Hour sequels and also his rotate as Chon Wang in Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights. Chan likewise led the work again, please again of The Karate Kid.

Rush Hour enjoyed great success at the box office. Brett Ratner, who likewise helmed Rush Hour 2 and also Rush Hour 3, carried Rush Hour to the large screen because that $33 million while bringing home practically $245 from happy audiences.


Jackie Chan proceeds to occupational on both political parties of the ocean, showing up in Hong Kong films and also here in the States. That is rumored that Chan will be when again saddling up v Owen Wilson in another Shanghai movie, this one titled Shanghai Dawn. It has additionally been long rumored the a 4th Rush Hour is in the works.

Rush Hour 3 premiered in 2007, so the speak of number 4 has been ongoing because that time. There have been quite a few occasions the Tucker himself has actually come the end stating they’ve i agree to do number four however to date, nothing has actually truly materialized. Jackie Chan has actually been infamous for transforming down offers or rejecting scripts because that a 4th film and also around October 2017, Chan stated a brand-new script remained in the works.

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As of 2019, Tucker came out again stating work was still being done on the script, but nothing to be imminent. That knows if a 4th will ever before be produced? Jackie Chan is now 67 years old, and also one wonders exactly how much much longer he is willing to do these types of activity movies.