One of Fox News" most significant anchors, Wallace is leave to sign up with CNN"s new streaming service. Wallace stated his following adventure would let him "go beyond politics to all the things I"m interested in."


"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace surprised his audience by speak he"s leaving the network.

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CHRIS WALLACE: I desire to shot something new to go beyond politics to all the points I"m interested in.

INSKEEP: hrs later, it to be learned the Wallace will join CNN"s brand-new streaming service. His leave says a lot around the direction that Fox has actually gone and also where it"s going.

elafilador.net"s David Folkenflik reports.

DAVID FOLKENFLIK, BYLINE: as he revealed his departure, kris Wallace said viewers part of the network"s key to join.


WALLACE: Eighteen year ago, the bosses here at Fox promised they would never interfere through a guest i booked or a concern I asked. And they retained that promise.

FOLKENFLIK: and that shows up to have been true. What Fox News executives reward, however, involves what Fox News viewers demand, and also that"s shifted greatly. Wallace"s father to be the legend Mike Wallace at CBS"s "60 Minutes." chris Wallace himself had identified stints at ABC and also NBC. He"d spanned the White House, organized "Meet The Press." that is come say, he came down on Fox v stature - no scandal and also no notable belief - known, as the phrase goes, because that asking challenging questions of Democrats and Republicans alike.

Fox viewers, however, did not prove passionate for challenging questions that Donald Trump.


WALLACE: Mr. Trump, it has actually not escaped anybody"s notification that you say the the Mexican government - the Mexican government - is sending criminals, rapists, medicine dealers across the border.

FOLKENFLIK: This to be from the an initial Republican presidential dispute in respectable 2015 on Fox News.


WALLACE: Mr. Trump, I"ll give you a 30 seconds...


WALLACE: I"ll provide you a 30 seconds to answer my question, which was, what evidence do you have?

FOLKENFLIK: Trump dubbed in come Don Lemon"s show on CNN the very next night come denounce Wallace.


DONALD TRUMP: and the kid is just a tiny fraction of Mike. Believe me, there"s a large difference in between Mike Wallace and Chris Wallace.

FOLKENFLIK: as President trumped demanded commitment of his supporters and also of Fox News stars - and for the most part, he obtained it - goosing the ratings the ardent supporters, choose Fox"s Sean Hannity and also Maria Bartiromo, by showering them with interviews. Numbers who were hesitant of trump card left the network, including former correspondent Carl Cameron and anchor Shepard Smith. Wallace grounding it out. Occasionally he contradicted his Fox colleagues" false claims about Trump.

Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, Wallace fact-checked trump repeatedly during an interview at the White House.


TRUMP: once you talk around mortality rates, i think it"s the opposite. I think we have one that the lowest mortality rates in the world.

WALLACE: That"s no true, sir.

FOLKENFLIK: On society media and also in hateful exclusive comments, many Fox News viewers trashed Wallace. There appeared to be an absence of management from Fox News" executives. Numerous of Fox"s stars peddled Trump"s lies about COVID and also the 2020 election. The network dismissed two peak political editors who sustained the Fox decision desk contact that Joe Biden would win Arizona. Fox is now fighting two multibillion-dollar defamation lawsuits in court. Then came Tucker Carlson"s three-part series, embracing lies to case the January 6 siege of the Capitol to be harmless and likewise a hoax.

JONAH GOLDBERG: the traffics in all manner the innuendo and also conspiracy theories that, ns think, legitimately could lead come violence.

FOLKENFLIK: That"s longtime Fox News analyst Jonah Goldberg. For Goldberg and another conservative commentator, Carlson"s collection was the critical straw. Castle quit Fox three weeks ago. On the air, Wallace and also Fox politics anchor Bret Baier contradicted Carlson"s claims. Turn off the air, they both denounced Carlson series to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott. Carlson wasn"t reined in. Currently Wallace has likewise left. The is to start at CNN+ after the streaming service"s launch beforehand next year.

David Folkenflik, elafilador.net News.

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