That invoice Clinton
William (Bill) Jefferson ClintonCan America protect against a worldwide warming cold war? If voter did provide Biden a mandate, it wasn"t come pander come progressives Biden"s deficiencies and strengths both top top display more has a temper is recognized to anyone that has complied with him. And boy, did it reach a red-faced fury as soon as he provided an interview to kris Wallace, then, as now, moderator that "Fox News Sunday."

That sit-down interview aired ~ above Sept. 24, 2006, just after the close of the former president"s yearly Clinton worldwide Initiative (CGI) in new York. The former president reportedly thought he was going come be acquisition bows for elevating a boatload of money — $7.5 billion — for his CGI and also the good causes the supported, but instead Wallace go what Wallace regularly does: that asked tough questions and also wouldn"t permit up.

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I thought of that tense and also ugly exchange, which i researched in information for my 2008 book, "Clinton in Exile: A President the end of the White House," when I read that Hillary was providing her an initial interview, as the autonomous nominee, to kris Wallace. The sit-down interview, to be recorded today or tomorrow, will air on Sunday, July 31.

The question that therefore offended she husband was around whether he had actually taken his eye off the ball in fighting terrorism. Wallace claimed that his listeners had actually reacted come news the he would be interviewing bill Clinton by pushing the question: "Why didn"t girlfriend do more to put bin Laden and also al Qaeda the end of organization when you were president?"

Wallace cited a book, Lawrence Wright"s "The Looming Tower," which, together he said, "talks around the truth that when you traction troops the end of Somalia in 1993, bin Laden claimed "I have actually seen the frailty and also the weakness and the cowardice that the U.S. Troops."" from there, Wallace discussed "the bombing of the embassies in Africa and also the assault on the Cole. ... And also then there was no solution ."

"So girlfriend did Fox"s bidding ~ above this show," invoice Clinton exploded. "You did her nice tiny conservative hit job on me. ... And you"ve got that tiny smirk on your face and you think you"re therefore clever."

If ns were Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham ClintonPopping the gradual bubble GOP primary in NH residence race draws national spotlight trumped endorses major challenger to Peter Meijer in Michigan MORE"s handlers, I"d have actually her prepped to the gills on Benghazi and also Iraq and Libya and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). True, she hasn"t yet offered as command in chief, but she did offer as secretary of State.

Wallace will likely grab the opportunity to make news and also get answers to inquiries that he has actually long want to ask. He claims to have actually been pestering Hillary"s handlers because that an interview because she announced she was running 15 months ago. For every those months, he says, he has actually been maintaining a perform of questions and also updating it regularly. "I"ve only had actually 15 months to prepare," Wallace said.

Hillary Clinton last showed up on "Fox News Sunday" practically five years ago, once she to be secretary that State. (She has actually dipped her toe in the Fox News waters much more recently, calling in to invoice O"Reilly"s "The O"Reilly Factor" earlier this month, after ~ the terrorist attack in Nice, France, and, last March, she appeared in a Fox News-sponsored city hall.)

Hillary Clinton has actually been illustration some significant Republicans to her side — previous Deputy Sec. Of State Richard Armitage, former Treasury Sec. Henry Paulson, former National protection Adviser Brent Scowcroft, amongst them — and opening the door to Fox News is an noticeable effort to attract more.

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And currently that pendant of Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie SandersSenators make bipartisan push to block 0M weapons sale to Saudis Popping the gradual bubble Defund Biden: The only method to placed America top top a budget much more (Vt.), she rival in the democratic primary, have actually been quasi-pacified, why not Fox News and Wallace?

Besides that, Sanders was interviewed, albeit remotely, by chris Wallace top top "Fox News Sunday" last Valentine"s Day, and also survived there is no visible wounds.

Felsenthal is a political blogger and also contributing editor for Chicago magazine. She has actually written biographies that Katharine Graham and also President Clinton and also profiles on previous Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, previous White home Chief of employee Bill Daley and also Roger Ebert, among others. Contact her at carolfelsenthal