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Fox News anchor kris Wallace challenged Antony Blinken top top Sunday, an overwhelming the secretary the state regarding whether Joe Biden was conscious of the criticism versus him.

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"Mr. Secretary, does the chairman not recognize what"s going on?" Wallace asked, introduce to the substantial criticism the Biden administration has faced over the withdrawal of U.S. Forces from Afghanistan.

"The president claimed a few other points on Friday the are level wrong," Wallace said throughout his interview with Blinken ~ above Fox News Sunday before sharing a clip the Biden emphatically denying U.S. Allies had questioned his administration"s credibility.

"I have seen no concern of our credibility from ours allies approximately the world," Biden said in an attend to on august 20. "The reality of the matter is I have actually not checked out that. Issue of fact, the specific opposite I"ve got—the exact opposite point is we"re acting with dispatch, we"re acting—committing come what we stated we would do."


Fox News" kris Wallace faced Secretary the State Antony Blinken top top Biden’s “flat wrong” cases on Afghanistan: “Does the president not understand what’s walk on?” Getty Images
Chris Wallace confronts Secretary the State Antony Blinken top top Biden’s “flat wrong” insurance claims on Afghanistan: “Does the chairman not understand what’s walking on?”

— RNC study (
RNCResearch) august 22, 2021

Wallace then aired disparaging statements indigenous other international leaders and also politicians criticizing America"s dealing with of the Afghanistan withdrawal, consisting of a comment native Armin Laschet, leader of Germany"s Christian democratic Union, who called the instance "the best debacle the NATO has actually seen due to the fact that its foundation."

About 7 minutes right into the interview, the Fox News organize bluntly asked: "Does the chairman not know what"s going on?"

The secretary of state protected Biden, pivoting away from the question.

"This is an extremely emotional time for many of us, including allies and also partners who"ve been shoulder-to-shoulder with us for plenty of years," Blinken responded, including there was "deep appreciation and thanks native allies and also partners for every little thing we"ve done."

However, Wallace to be undeterred. "The president claimed he"s not heard any criticism native the allies. There"s to be a most criticism from the allies. Indigenous matter, and the native of the president issue most," the veteran news anchor added. has actually contacted the White residence for comment.

The peace attend to the Taliban that led to the U.S. Withdrawal to be signed in February 2020 under previous President Donald Trump. The agreement stipulated for the withdrawal of every U.S. Troops native Afghanistan by may 2021. However, when Biden took office, that pushed earlier the tap the money deadline to September 11, then relocated it front to august 31.

In a swift takeover the took the Biden administration and the rest of the people by surprise, the Taliban retook control of the nation on respectable 15, 2 weeks ahead of Biden"s deadline.

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Reports indigenous intelligence and also military analysts had claimed that the U.S.-backed government might collapse within one month to 90 days, yet it fell before the U.S. Tap the money was even complete.