You understand Chris Wallace together the unlikely host of Fox News Sunday, and also the upcoming moderator for the first presidential debate. Well known for his direct, ambush-style interviewing, and one anchor top top Fox that President trumped isn"t a fan of because he chooses impartiality in his reporting instead of the timeless right-leaning rhetoric the the famous conservative news network, Wallace"s layout is storage of report from the "70s and also "80s (via Vox and Mental Floss). This is a throwback come the journalistic stylings that yesteryear, which provides sense, together his father was well known 60 Minutes anchor, Mike Wallace, and also has been among his biggest skilled influences (via Parade).

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And when the younger Wallace has actually spent the critical 50 years emerging his own broadcast style, there"s no denying the it to be his father that not just paved the method for his career, but also changed how news was reported. Mike Wallace developed a platform because that journalism and also entertainment to combine, and still results in the circulation of crucial information come the public. He to be an Emmy award-winning anchor top top 60 Minutes starting in 1968 come his last televised interview in 2008 as soon as he was 89 year old. He died four years later on at 93 (via The brand-new York Times).

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Mike Wallace began his career in advertising and acting, and also surprisingly, also hosted a range of video game shows in the 1950s (via Vanity Fair). Known to put his work before his personal life, a failed marriage of only two years, adhered to by a fast remarriage, and subsequent move from Chicago to new York eventually severed his connection with his two young sons, Peter and Chris. In one interview v Playboy indigenous 1994, Wallace admitted, "Chris was in Chicago and, together a little kid, had actually no idea that I was. Ns was wrapped increase in my work and my brand-new marriage ... I was an missing father."

More than a decade later, an individual tragedy struck. His eldest son Peter passed away in a hiking accident in greek at simply 19 years old. It to be the wakeup contact that would readjust the course of Mike Wallace"s life. That vowed come reconnect through his boy Chris and become a stable number in his life, and that ultimately led him come a position as a CBS News correspondent. 6 years later, 60 Minutes to be born (via CBS).

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Famed TV personality penis Cavett famously claimed of Mike Wallace, that simply the point out of his name "has been known to strike fear in the mind of brave men and also women (via CBS)." and also that was certainly true in front of the camera, but behind the scenes, Wallace was suffering a lifelong fight with depression (via ABC).

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His personal struggles unsurprisingly led to a wire of fail marriages and relationships, but it to be a libel sue in the at an early stage "80s through retired army General wilhelm Westmoreland that brought about a self-destruction attempt that would, thankfully, pressure the news symbol to seek skilled help. The lawsuit was at some point dropped, yet it to be Mike Wallace"s willingness come talk around his personal struggles that he"s remembered for. As soon as asked if that had any type of advice for others who could be experiencing he candidly said, "You"re no a nutcase if you want to go view a psychiatrist."

There is tho a stigma attached to mental health worries in 2020, for this reason his willingness to talk about his obstacles made Mike Wallace a beacon the hope almost 40 years prior to it was openly speak about. As Dr. Carol Bernstein, combine professor the psychiatry at brand-new York University college of Medicine explained in one interview with ABC, "What Mike Wallace go by his willingness come talk about his depressive illness was extraordinary. That type of openness v something the is commonly shunned, avoided, and stigmatized in our culture was really brave and courageous the him."

If friend or everyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please speak to the nationwide Suicide prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.