Lifetime released a movie this year fictionalizing the Chris watt murders. The movie is called Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer. The title is a little bit misleading since it feels together if it’s implying watt confesses in one interview, documentary style. If you want a lifetime documentary ~ above the tragic murders of Shanann Watts and her two daughters climate the movie you’re looking for is past the Headlines: The Watts family members Tragedy.

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Lifetime’s website describes their movie Confessions of a Killer this way, “When Chris watts (Sean Kleier) tearfully pleaded to tv cameras because that the safe return that his missing pregnant wife Shanann (Ashley Williams) and also their 2 young daughters, dark tricks loomed just beneath the surface. Together the story spread, hearts went out to the distraught father and husband, who showed up to lead a charmed life.

“But days later, after failing a lie detector test, chris confessed to brutally murdering his family and also slowly revealed the horrific details of their deaths. Friends and also family were left reeling, looking for answers as his twin life and secret affair concerned light. Brooke blacksmith portrays CBI certified dealer Tammy Lee, who helped to carry Chris watt to justice.”


The family members of the couple were easy to understand upset as soon as they heard of the movie, and made the be well-known they walk not want it aired. The Watts’s household attorney is quoted as saying this about potential harassment top top the CheatSheet website, “Armchair detectives going out there make the efforts to uncover scraps that evidence, saying, ‘Chris yes, really wasn’t the killer, it was X’ . . .

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That type of stuff bothers them a lot.”

It renders sense that having actually random citizen poking right into the life of your family, and seemingly making irradiate of a truly horrible event in your family members history, through conspiracy theories, would certainly be frustrating and even hurtful. Because that the household the movie wasn’t precisely creepy or chilling, rather it to be abundantly clear to it is in monetizing their tragedy – and also Hollywoodizing it, therefore causing inaccuracies.