Twitter users are rejoicing as NBA stars and also former Michigan Fab 5 members, Jalen Rose and also Chris Webber freshly squashed their long-standing beef. Here’s what happened between them.

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The duo lastly reconciled ~ above Sunday, may 16, once Chris to be announced as a member of the 2021 hall Of reputation class. The estranged friends spoke on live television, together Jalen hosted a segment top top ESPN.

Jalen congratulated kris saying, “I love you, my brother. Congratulations. Girlfriend made it come the room of Fame. Fine deserved.”

While fans loved city hall Jalen sing praises of Chris, as the latter reminisced about their beforehand years together, some additionally wondered why the duo had actually been beefing in the first place.

Chris Webber join Jalen increased on NBA Countdown to discuss his an option to the hall of Fame. Cool moment

Jalen Rose and Chris Webber’s Beef explained

Both Chris and also Jalen grew up to come to be figures in the Detroit basketball scene. Chris (48) increased to prominence at Birmingham Detroit country Day; while Jalen made his method into the Basketball world from Detroit Southwestern.

The duo walk on to come to be teammates and leading members that the legendary Michigan Fab 5. They also helped take it the Wolverines to the 1992 and 1993 nationwide championship games.

Despite being a formidable pair in the court, their connection in genuine life started acquiring weak in 2003.

Chris’ dilapidating connection with the so late Michigan Booster, Ed Martin influenced his bond through Jalen as well.

As matters got worse, chris pleaded guilty come a fee of criminal contempt in 2003. During his court appearance, kris admitted to providing $38,200 to Ed in 1994 together a repayment the a loan.


The scandal resulted in the nationwide Collegiate athletic Association (NCAA) banning chris from associating with Michigan basketball because that 10 years. The basketball star’s victories from two seasons were additionally forfeited.

The previous Michigan teammates’ beef intensified in 2011 as soon as Chris refused to attend a Michigan Fab 5. He also refused to get involved in ESPN’s 2011 30 for 30.

During his 2015 appearance on The Dan Patrick Show, chris did not hesitate from acquisition jabs at Jalen and other Fab 5 members.

Chris stated in the interview, “No one ever before loved the Fab Five, for this reason why would you use united state to tell story to acquire that fake love now?


Jalen Rose and also Chris Webber beef: road to reconciliation

In 2019, Jalen told the cost-free Press that the reunion that everybody wishes to check out will occur sooner fairly than later. One month later, Michigan’s head coach Juwan Howard commented saying Jalen and Chris needed to melt the ice.

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Good things are happening because that Chris, who is developing his very own Fab 5 TV series, in addition to his induction in the 2021 room of call Class. Kris is collaborating through Michigan coach Juwan because that the new show.

The show is entitled Fab Five and is based upon Webber’s upcoming autobiography, named By god’s Grace.