Chris bright serves together Chief executive, management Officer and Chairman that the board of Liberty Oilfield Services. Additionally, kris founded and also serves together Executive Chairman the Liberty Resources, a Bakken-focused E&P firm and Liberty Midstream Solutions. That has had actually a lifelong passion for energy and also its function in person life. He has talked on power to the UK house of Lords, the says Attorneys General, Federal and State Judges, disputed the merits of the shale change on TV and also given end 100 talks.

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Chris perfect an undergraduate level in Mechanical design at MIT and also graduate job-related in electric Engineering at both UC Berkeley and also MIT. Chris established Pinnacle Technologies and from 1992 - 2006 years offered as CEO. Pinnacle created the hydraulic fracture mapping industry. Pinnacle"s innovations in fracturing practices aided launch advertising shale gas production in the late 1990’s.

Chris to be Chairman the Stroud Energy, very early shale gas producer, before its revenue to selection Resources in 2006. Chris at this time serves on the board of Directors for Liberty Resources, Urban solutions Group, us Ceramics and also the commonwealth Reserve Bank, Denver Branch.

Chris has actually consulted and also taught process on every six populated continents and also authored / co-authored over 60 technological papers and articles. He has actually received many industry awards and several U.S. Patents. Chris additionally worked on blend energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy. Chris flourished up in Colorado and also is a passionate skier, cyclist, climber, and also outdoor enthusiast. He offer on the plank of countless nonprofits including PERC, ACE Colorado, ACE Montana, PRI, and the YCCF.


Since march 2017, Sean Elliott has actually served as Vice President and also General Counsel in ~ Liberty Oilfield Services. Sean has over twenty years of legit experience and has spent much of his career in management roles in ~ publicly-traded companies.

Sean Elliott studied at Austin College where he deserve a bachelor’s level (magna cum laude) in Economics and also Business Administration.

He then relocated on to knife his juris doctorate level (with honors) indigenous The university of Texas in ~ Austin.Prior come joining Liberty, Sean operated as Assistant basic Counsel in ~ USAA real Estate Company, i beg your pardon is part of the USAA organization that serves the U.S. Military and their families. Sean practiced law in the mountain Antonio office that Haynes and Boone, LLP indigenous 2015 till joining USAA in 2016. Before moving to mountain Antonio, Sean served as angry President, basic Counsel, this firm Secretary and also Chief Compliance Officer because that CARBO Ceramics Inc., an oilfield services firm in Houston, indigenous 2007 till 2015. Sean also served as legal counsel come Aviall, Inc., a Dallas-based worldwide aviation company, from 2004 to 2007, wherein he last organized the positions of Assistant general Counsel and also Assistant Secretary.

Sean is a Texas native. He enjoys tennis, golf, mountain and also water sports, and also spending time through his children.

Mike Machovoe has actually served at the manager of Business development for Liberty because January 2021. Mike began his career with Liberty in July 2013 together an account representative, reporting to Tom Riebel. Mike has served several roles in the Liberty business advance organization due to the fact that 2013 consisting of Account Manager, Area Sales Manager because that the Rocky Mountain an ar and director of Sales – U.S. Currently, Mike manages 55 employee in the greater business advance organization.

Mike started his oilfield job in 2002 functioning as a field specialist for Pinnacle Technologies. Although based in Bakersfield, California, Mike traveled everywhere the U.S. And Canada working on tiltmeter fracture mapping, microseismic and also reservoir surveillance projects. After ~ his time in the field, Mike moved to a diagnostics design role, conducting real-time fracture analysis on CSS (Cyclic heavy steam Stimulation), SAGD (Steam aided Gravity Drainage) and also CCS (Carbon Capture and also Sequestration) work in the U.S. And Canada. In 2008, Halliburton purchased the fracture diagnostics eight of Pinnacle Technologies and also Mike worked there because that 5 years as Team Lead because that the Real-Time Reservoir Diagnostics Group.

Mike obtained an undergraduate degree in ecological Studies from the State college of brand-new York at Buffalo. Mike is based in Denver, however remains a passionate Buffalo Bills and Sabres fan, as well as the Colorado Avalanche. Mike, his mam Renee, and also son, Declan enjoy all outdoor Colorado activities. Mike also enjoys craft beer and also live music.

Dr. Leen Weijers serves together the Vice chairman of engineering at Liberty Oilfield Services. The has operated at Liberty due to the fact that its starting in 2011, initially serving as its organization Manager. Leen’s role at Liberty concentrates on two main aspects. One, delivering enhanced well economics to customers through optimized frac designs, and two, top top customer and internal data sharing and also reporting to improve company efficiencies.

Leen worked at Pinnacle innovations from 1995 to 2011, wherein he oversaw advancement of the industry’s most widely provided fracture development simulator, FracproPT. He to be Pinnacle’s Rocky Mountain regional Manager from 2007 - 2011, whereby he aided rebuild the Rocky mountain operations.

Leen has actually authored dozens of market courses and publications. He also played a key role in the calibration the fracture expansion models with various fracture diagnostics such together tiltmeter and micro-seismic fracture mapping technologies.Leen Weijers completed his doctoral research study at the Faculty that Mining and also Petroleum engineering at Delft college of modern technology in the Netherlands through conducting fracture development model experiments to inspection the communication of hydraulic fracture solution with horizontal and also deviated wells. Prior to that, Leen completed a Master’s degree in Geophysics, additionally from Delft college of Technology.

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Leen and his mam Margreet have 4 kids. Leen loves to invest his leisure time with his household in Colorado’s beautiful out on skis, skates or to ride bicycle tires or on the dance floor.