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Savannah Chrisley alerted her Instagram followers that she is recovering after gaining into a serious car accident top top Monday that left her with a broken vertebrae.

The 19-year-old Chrisley Knows best star post a picture on Tuesday the her automobile after the accident, together with a photograph of herself in the hospital and an inspirational message by minister Steven Furtick that reads: "The only way God can present us he"s in manage is to put us in instances we can"t control."

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"The past couple of days have been few of the toughest days for me," Chrisley created in a lengthy caption before detailing what brought about her car accident.

"My floor mat had gotten stuck behind mine pedals so i looked down for a brief second to try and get it out of the way and then ns realized that ns was headed straight towards the guardrails," the USA network truth star explained. "I make the efforts to end correct however it didn’t help. As soon as i hit the guardrail mine airbags come out and because the the airbags and seat belt the injuries weren’t close to as poor as they can have been."

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Chrisley stated it felt choose "at the very least 20 minutes" that she was "in and out that consciousness, screaming because that help" before a an excellent Samaritan come along to aid her. "And then a man stopped and also ran over to me and got the police mine way," she recalled. "So give thanks to you come the amazing man that stopped and helped me as everyone else to be passing. I have actually no idea who you are however thank you. I might never repay friend for her act of kindness."

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She additionally had a message for her critics and also supporters. "To every one of you hurtful world that space saying that ns deserved it and also got what was coming for me, you require Jesus and I’ll assist by praying because that you,” she said. “And to all of those who are being supportive, I give thanks to you really much. It way the world.”

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Chrisley included that she"ll it is in "recovering native a damaged vertebrae which has actually caused numbness" in her hands and fingers, as well as "pain all throughout" her neck, back and shoulders. "While recovering physically, I’m walk to take it time to recuperate spiritually and mentally together well," she wrote. "I desire to be the ideal version that myself possible and that will certainly happen."

She concluded, "We all make mistakes…all that matters is exactly how we learn and also grow native them."