Chrissy Monroe is one American television actress who obtained into the limelight after special in the well-known VH1 present "Love & i know well Hop: new York" together a actors member.

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Chrissy to be born ~ above the 7th of September, 1972 in Baltimore, Maryland that the united States. Together her acting profession, she is additionally an Entrepreneur, Writer, and also Columnist.

Here are 10 facts about her:

Net worth of Chrissy Monroe

As the 2019, Chrissy Monroe hold an approximated net precious of $600,000. She amassed together an exceptional number native her successful career as a reality television actress, entrepreneur, and also as a president of her company.

Chrissy Monroe is a gorgeous lady.

Owner that Le Jeu Entertainment

Chink"s ex-girlfriend is the founder and also owner of Le Jeu Entertainment i m sorry is usually a full spectrum advance talent and also modeling company that polishes the talent of emerging models.

Chrissy Monroe is the owner of Le Jeu Entertainment.

Relationship Status

While the 46 years old (as of July 2019) actress was in the 5th season the "Love & i know good Hop: new York" ago in 2015, she was dating Chink Santana in the show.

The couple used to be very often spotted in windy together and sharing images of each other on your social sites. But prior to the lovebirds obtained the possibility of tying the knot, they damaged up. And also though Chrissy got in relationship with another man, there weren"t any other story of her more dating the man.

As that 2019, she is still single.

Was a Victim of domestic Violence

Chrissy Monroe was a victim of domestic violence in she childhood and had a very miserable childhood. She to be tortured by she parents and therefore, considers her childhood not worth remembering.

Today, she calls herself a survivor of domestic violence and also is against it. She raises publicly awareness regarding domestic violence and also has also been supporting anti-domestic violence agencies and companies for a lengthy time.

Tattoos top top Body

Talking around tattoos, the gorgeous actress has one tattoo inked on her body. The tattoo is the a Chanel logo which is a surname of a fashion company. She stated that she adores the Chanel bag very much and has the in her wishlist. So, she had actually it inked on she body.

Dog Lover

Did we point out that the beautiful author is a lively dog lover. She loves dogs an extremely much and even owns a cute fluffy dog and it is of Chihuahua breed.

Monroe loves she pet really much and there"s no much better way to prove it than making one Instagram account for her dog. Yes, her fur-baby has a Instagram account the its very own which goes by the name
margetiffany. Isn"t that a cutest thing?

Founder & chairman of survive to prosper Global

As Chrissy has had a an extremely cruel history of facing residential violence, she doesn"t want others to confront the same problem too. So, for this, she started a non-profit company "Survive to thrive Global" i m sorry raises awareness and also conducts programs about domestic violence the take place around the world. She is additionally the president of the firm and dedicates her time to it really passionately.

Body Measurements


Monroe came into spotlight after ~ she appeared in the VH1 display "Love & hip Hop: brand-new York (LHHNY). Over there she had actually a relatively successful job which helped her to gain a bit of success and fame. She even met her previous boyfriend, Chink Santana on the show which to be a cute component of she being in the show.

Beautiful Chrissy Monroe.

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Social Sites

If you want to know about the social sites the the previous LHHNY star, you"d it is in glad come hear the she is without doubt on Instagram and also Twitter. Top top Twitter, she has 21.3k followers v a total of 18.8k tweets. And as for her Instagram account, she has acquired 222k followers and also has posted over 5,800 posts.