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Back in October, the 31-year-old supermodel posed for Sports Illustrated"s Swimsuit issue, just six month after providing birth come her very first child, Luna, with husband man Legend.

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The magazine exit a few of the image on Wednesday, and also they"re simply as stunning together we imagined! Teigen sports a bright purple bikini in one of the snaps, seductively gazing right into the camera while reflecting off her fit figure and gorgeous beach waves.

Another sexy pic features Teigen topless, wearing barely-there bikini bottoms that highlight she seemingly flawless backside and also toned legs.

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But in a behind-the-scenes clip native her picture shoot, the brunette beauty beauty confessed she was a small hesitant come say "yes" come the gig so shortly after giving birth.

"It"s been a while since I"ve done anything swimsuit," she stated at the time. "I haven"t shot because baby. Yet of food you know that <SI Swimsuit editor> MJ and also everybody in ~ Sports Illustrated in general is walking to adopt your body no matter what"s continue and adopt the changes."

In the exact same clip, Day explained that Teigen confirmed up come the shoot originally requesting to just wear one pieces and "a blanket over the top" to cover she up.

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"I think she surprised herself on this trip," she said. "Because i don"t think she to be seeing herself quite the way we to be seeing her."

"I told her she has to have a baby every year, since I"ve never ever seen her look so good and move so an excellent and take it such amazing pictures," job continued. "Everyone think models are simply so effortlessly walking around naked all the time, however you have to really prepare mentally because that something prefer that and also trust the civilization that you work with, and does that."

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The make of Sports Illustrated"s Swimsuit issue, featuring Teigen, will air specifically on straight TV later on this month, and the issue hits was standing Feb. 15.

As we patiently wait to see all the photos of the lovely ladies featured in the magazine, clock the video clip below to check out Nina Agdal"s smoking hot pic!

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